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    #TinkerTour Update

    Published on - September 24, 2015 by AndyTaylored

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    So far, so good.  After 3 trains and as many cities, our TinkerTour events have been fantastic!


    Image courtesy of danger!awesome.

     danger!awesome in Boston (Cambridge) had a great turnout with a range of new users wanting to 3D print their own succulent planter or just learn more about Tinkercad.  Their making space is actually just around the corner from their retail storefront, where they offer laser and 3D print services, and is packed with resin and FDM printers and a couple of lasers.  The staff were great, and even had a few extra computers on hand for anyone that showed up without.  Great workshop.

    IMG_6765 One of the workspaces at the Digital Harbor Foundation.

     The Digital Harbor Foundation in Baltimore is such an impressive space.  In addition to offering afterschool programs for local K-12 students, they have a "Hive" of Printrbots running through any number of prints in a queue system custom built by Shawn Grimes.  The organization is such a tight group that a few of the students have stayed on to run workshops and even repair 3D printers for teachers and other makers in the Baltimore area.

    This workshop was a little different in that we actually started in the real world.  The participants, 8-12 grade students and a bunch of teachers, started with an LED, switch, battery pack and a set of calipers to reverse engineer an enclosure for those components (ie: a flashlight).  3D printing is a great tool, but without real application, it can fall short of actually being useful in the classroom.  These components make up the first 123D Circuits lesson in Project Ignite, and the combination of Tinkercad, 123D Circuits and real components is a great project to get started.


    Last night, I arrived at 3D Hub's new offices in Midtown for the Moat Boat workshop.  Again, the room (though admittedly smaller) was packed with new Tinkerers.  After a bite of pizza, we jumped into the editor to start designing paddleboats; one of which might just win the Paddle Battle on Sunday at World Maker Faire to take home their own 3D printer. (HINT to any would-be contestants: there's a great start to a paddle wheel in the Community Shape Generators.)


    We've still got a few days to go, so if you haven't already, check our Tinkertour page for more meetups and Maker Faire info.  Also, check out our Twitter feed - you may see the new Peter Penguin toys we've been teasing out in Instagram.  More on that project next week, stay tuned.

    If you didn't make it to one of the workshops, catch us at Maker Faire this weekend!  We may have some extra Tinkercad gear...