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    TinkerStar: Caitlin Le

    Published on - September 22, 2015 by sarahorourke76


    : Caitlin Le

    Tinkercad User NameCaitlin Le

    How Did You Find Out About Tinkercad?: When I first got a 3D printer, I searched for a free and easy-to-use CAD design program. I read many online articles about it and Tinkercad was considered the easiest one out there. I then found out that it was an online program instead of a downloadable one, which blew my mind, and I now only use it for my creations!

    What is Your Favorite Feature in the Editor?: My favorite feature in the Tinkercad editor has to be how I am able to create holes. I know that sounds simple, but the hole option allows me to hollow out parts, smooth out a side, create a hole, and many more. Who knew that holes aren't just for making holes?!TinkerStar_Caitlin

    Why are you a TinkerStar?: I am a #TinkerStar because I don't just use the simple ways to design an object. I use chains of easy commands to make a complicated design. Like when I made a boat, I made it so it would have slanted walls. You can't just get a rectangular prism and angle it! You also have to make sure that the walls are all connected so water can't go through. So what I did was I slanted rectangular prisms and extended them so the are way bigger than needed. Then I used the hole option to smooth out the sides and make it look like a boat!

    What is your favorite model you have designed in Tinkercad?: My favorite model isn't just one, it's a whole set! For a competition on Thingiverse, I made a complete set of 11 bubble wands to use in the summer!

    One last thing: Caitlin is one of our younger super stars! Can't wait to see what she designs next! Congrats and wear your hoodie with pride!

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