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    Posture with Panache: 3D Print a Custom Clasp for the Lumo Lift

    Published on - September 21, 2015 by AndyTaylored



    Blink-CorteMadera-color-2015-09-05-23-45-06-750-486704-full Lumo Lift clasps printed on a Dremel Idea Builder and Objet Connex.


    With wearable tech and biometrics becoming more prevalent, there are some pretty interesting devices on the market.  Lumo Body Tech's Lift device has a purpose that stands out - it tracks posture, as well as steps and calories.  After wearing one for a week, I was pretty surprised at my consistent slouching and have become waay more conscious of my posture.  BUT - this isn't a fitness blog, so why is it on Tinkercad?lift-sensor-black-silverlumo-bodytech-logo

    I got an email from the folks at Lumo to collaborate on an idea they had and it made total sense.  There is a small magnet that holds the device in place on your shirt, and is only betrayed by a minimal grey, black or white square lapel "pin".  So why not design and 3D print a custom shape and glue the magnet to the back to create a personalized clasp?  Tinkercad is perfect; you can create any shape and just create a recess for the magnet with the Hole feature.

    Et voila: Posture with panache.  Here are some more designs.


    Have you made a clasp or any other 3D printed wearables?  Tag them in the gallery #lumolift, we may send you some goodies.


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