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    3D Printed Succulent Planters

    Published on - September 15, 2015 by AndyTaylored



    We kinda can't stop making these things.

    I have a succulent plant that has taken over some of my larger pots at home, so I've been taking clippings and experimenting with new pot designs.  They also make good little projects to practice in Tinkercad, so we're putting on a workshop in Boston on the #TinkerTour.

    One of them I made with photochromic filament from Makerbot - in the sun, it turns to a magenta hue.  I also ordered one in porcelain from Shapeways - will follow up when it arrives.



    Give it a shot with Tinkercad and tag it #planter.  Who knows? We may print one for you...

    Tags: Inspiration