TinkerStar: DesignMakeTeach


JoshName: My name is Josh Ajima. I am a teacher. I believe that I can MAKE a difference.

Tinkercad User Name: DesignMakeTeach

How Did You Find Out About Tinkercad?: Web search, way back in the day when there was only 1 free design.

What is Your Favorite Feature in the Editor?: My favorite feature is the ability to import & export SVG files, this gives a common workflow with 3D printer, laser cutter and vinyl cutter.

Why are you a TinkerStar?: I regularly create and publish models for others to use and remix. Tinkercad is my primary 3D design tool and I’ve used it to create models that have been featured on Thingiverse and Youmagine. I also teach Tinkercad to students and teachers in my school and summer STEM camp. I frequently post designs and 3D prints created in Tinkercad on Twitter @DesignMakeTeach. In 2012, I helped plan a TEDx event. My TEDx wish was for a 3D printer for my school. When that wish didn’t magically come true, I decided to MAKE it happen and bought a 3D printer out of personal funds. I now DESIGN, MAKE and SHARE lessons on MAKING in the classroom.DesignMakeTeach

What is your favorite model you have designed in Tinkercad?: Chesapeake Bay Watershed Contour Map

One last thing: Josh has an amazing blog that you should all check out! http://designmaketeach.com/

Congrats Josh and wear your hoodie with pride!


  1. […] September 13, 2015 I wrote a tutorial for creating a Custom Trophy in Tinkercad on the Printrbot Learn blog last year. A short teaser is below but you can read the full tutorial at http://learn.printrbot.com/2014/06/22/tutorial-custom-trophy-in-tinkercad/ I’m including this teaser on my blog for new readers coming in through either the Thingiverse Tinkercad Jumpstart page or through the Tinkercad TinkerStar feature post. […]

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