Shaggy Dude’s #1MTinkerer trophy

This weekend, we hit a milestone that seemed unreachable when Tinkercad first started – one million registered users!

With over 2,000 new registrations a day, it was inevitable; but personally, it’s so exciting to watch the community (as well as the Tinkercad team) to grow over the last couple of years.  Even with the migration nightmare – admittedly, not our finest hour – and the server hiccups last year, you guys have continued to rock great models and inspire new users to learn CAD.

Last week, we put a call out for trophies for the 1M user, and again the Tinkercad community delivered.  We chose Shaggy Dude’s trophy to print out this week – look for updates of the real print later in the week.

So, from all of us at Tinkercad, a huge thank you for all your great models and feedback!  Let’s see how quickly we can get to 2 million!


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