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    Make a trophy for the ONE MILLIONth Tinkerer!!

    Published on - August 7, 2015 by AndyTaylored



    Example only.  You guys can do way better.
    Example only. You guys can do way better.

    Hi Everyone,

    We just realized that if we keep the pace, we'll have our ONE MILLIONTH user sign up in the next week!!

    We've seen some great trophies lately and wanted to challenge you to create a 1M User award for the lucky new Tinkerer.  Try your hand at it and if our team picks yours, both you and the 1M Tinkerer will get a 3D print of it!  (Bonus points for using Peter D. Penguin).

    Give it a shot, there are only a few days left.  There's no way to know when we'll hit 1M, but it looks like the end of next week..!   Be sure to tag your model #1MTinkerer

    Tags: Inspiration