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    TinkerStar - Claude Caputi

    Published on - July 27, 2015 by sarahorourke76



    Name: Claude Caputi

    Tinkercad User Namekrasherox

    How Did You Find Out About Tinkercad?: I found out about Tinkercad from the MakerFaire of 2014 in San Mateo.

    What is Your Favorite Feature in the Editor?: I just am happy with all the Geometrical Shapes and the Holes....with them I can make pretty much anything.

    Why are you a TinkerStar?: Well, if there's anything that makes me stand out, it's the desperate way that I try to learn as much as I can every day, by experimenting and tinkering every single day, and by trying to make the most realistic art that I possibly can with Tinkercad. I try to work like an Ox. My interests are many, so I am proud that my portfolio is pretty eclectic. I don't think anybody else on Tinkercad has made shrines of Yukio Mishima, The Marchesa Casati, Betty Page, Notorious B.I.G., and Cesar Chavez. Not to mention, I think I have done more figurative art representing females than anyone else on Tinkercad....surprisingly this has gone unnoticed, probably because technology is a male-dominated world, but I have five daughters, and I have tried to create a body of work that displays the grandeur of the female side of the equation, and will inspire women to use Tinkercad in innovative ways.....

    TinkerStar_Claude3What is your favorite model you have designed in Tinkercad?: I think my favorite model is a Batman that I'm working on with Catwoman, but my favorite fully published design is my Full- Armored Batman with Gothic Alcove.

    One last thing: I've been thrilled to spend the last 10 months learning how to make the best possible use of Tinkercad's powers, and I am hopeful that I will be able to start selling my artwork on Shapeways, so that I can earn money for a 1994-6 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham to turn into a Street Rod called, "TinkerCaddy" that will have a Tinkercad-Style logo brought into its radical paint-job...Look for a mock-up of it to be tinkered out and published some day.....

    Congrats Claude and wear your hoodie with pride!

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