Best. #PenguinAlbumCovers. Ever.

You guys are so rad.

June’s album cover community challenge was completely awesome.  We were so tickled to see what you guys submitted!  Out of the many great ones (there are over 100 submissions at the time of this post), some really stuck out to us and have thus become our favorites.

We decided to take a design and make a commemorative concert rock concert t-shirt for this month’s giveaway.  In thinking about that, it was clear that the winner was Tammie Riley’s Iron Maiden, Piece of Mind cover!

piece of mind_cover

It was difficult deciding the winner, but Tammie’s use of shapes for the chain, wall padding and text was pretty impressive.  Next to the original, hers is even cuter – so congratulations Tammie!

piece of mind_original

Here are some of our other faves from June – we even mocked up shirts for some of these guys, if that tells you how close it was.

See all the submissions here, and as always, the community challenges are ongoing, so keep making great models!  Stay tuned for the next one (hint: think about your favorite summer blockbusters!)

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