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    #icantinkerthat - Goldfish Ghost

    Published on - June 28, 2015 by sarahorourke76


    Andy, our Tinkercad Community Manager, is pretty great. He made this Instructable that we wanted to share with you. Let's see what variations on Goldfish Ghost you can make!

    He knew about this stuff that cured completely clear and thought it'd be cool to experiment with suspending 3D prints.  This project came from another idea about a severed head in a glass jar - apparently like Futurama (thanks, Audrey) - but a bit more ghoulish.  A full-scale 3D printed head is either super time-consuming (mCor paper printer) or super-expensive (color sandstone), so it may have to wait.

    Check it out! Another great Tinkercad Project.

    Goldfish Ghost

    Tags: Inspiration