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    #icantinkerthat - Stacked Lamp

    Published on - June 20, 2015 by sarahorourke76


    Our latest Wordless Wednesday featuring the Stacked Lamp had a lot of you asking us, "How did you make that?" So we went directly to the source - Mike, one of our friends over at Instructables.

    Here is how he got started but check out the Instructable for full details. It's a perfect way to showcase how you can get started with Tinkercad and modify a design in 123D Make. If you want to see more TinkerHow projects let us know.

    But first work on your own Stacked Lamp.

    You can recreate this exact lamp by downloading the template Mike made at the bottom of this step, or you can use some very basic tools to learn how to make your own design.

    Making Your Own:
    Designing your own lamp shade is incredibly easy. Mike used TinkerCAD to design the lamp shape. After modelling you can break the model into manageable slices with 123D Make, a free program that allows you to convert your 3D model into flat slices that can be cut on a laser cutter, or printed out on paper and used as a template for you to cut by hand.

    Picture of Template or design your own

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