KiwiMrDee: Just 3 Shapes

It can be tempting to keep adding shapes to make the drawing more realistic and more detailed. Over my first year I found my designs were becoming way more complex. As a result they could take ages to draw and were tricky to debug (you know – where did that sticky out bit come from?)

Wacky Races Pete Armstrong

So I decided to challenge myself to design a recognisable thing with only 3 individual objects dragged from the toolbox, that is 3 including holes. Duplicates count toward the total. As a hint, community shape generators are your friend.

I found this was something that sounded easy but was in fact quite hard. Along the way I discovered many cute side effects that would save me, both design and rendering time, on future projects.

The rules are explained here if you would like to try yourself.

Have a look at these designs and see if you can work out how they can be drawn with Just 3 shapes. If you do not believe me duplicate the design and ungroup. All you will find is ‘Just 3 shapes‘.


Now please try for yourself. Remember to add the tag #Just3Shapes to your description so we can all enjoy your creations.

Happy Tinkering.

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