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    Community Challenge: MECHA-May!

    Published on - April 28, 2015 by AndyTaylored



    Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.18.06 PM (2)


    As we ramp up to this year's Bay Area Maker Faire, we've  noticed a lot of Mecha (giant robot) things going on in Tinkerland and beyond.  Krasherox is working on some great models, I'm putting some into a Minecraft world and there's plans for some real Mechs to be demonstrated at Maker Faire.

    So we decided to make that the Community Challenge for the month of May!  Show us what you can do with Tinkercad and your favorite walking robots from around the world!

    So get your Gundam, Voltron, Armored CoreMetal Gear (and even Star Wars!) fix by breaking them down into simple shapes in Tinkercad.  The Mecha genre is generally about walking robots, piloted remotely or from inside the bot itself.  They usually fight, but let's give peace a chance, too.  Who knows, we may even give away some things to the ones we really like.

    Tags: Inspiration