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I am privileged to be part of a volunteer organization called OMG Tech. Our mission is to bring Tech to 7-12 year old kids who have not had exposure to Programming, CAD, 3D Printing, Robotics or even taking electronic stuff apart to see what is inside it. These are the STEM skills we need for our future engineers, scientists, programmers and designers. TinkerCAD plays a large part in the day.There is nothing on earth that can compare with that moment when someone goes from “I Can’t” to “I Can”. For some, being able to explain yourself in 3D is like learning to speak a new, universal language.Our next event is April 25th, watch this space for updates.
This is what Dylan (7 Years old) had to say after our last OMG Tech day

TinkerCAD is awesome because you can make anything. Everything is possible in TinkerCAD when you have great imagination. I first learnt about TinkerCAD at OMG Tech and now I have my own account so I can play more. It was really fun to draw my own name badge and then to have it printed on the 3D printer! It is really cool to be able to hold something I drew on the computer.

Dylan’s blog



  1. Great post! I teach young students and as we start to experiment with 3D modeling and printing I see the same excitement (love that phrase [that moment when someone goes from “I Can’t” to “I Can”]) bubbling up from them.

    Just a note that the link to Dylan’s Blog is relative to this blog URL. It needs the http:// prefix to work properly.

  2. Nice to see the spark alive and well. Education has always been key to a family of teachers (My mother, myself, my wife). My mother in her life, passed on her joy to me of seeing the ‘light bulb’ go on in their eyes in a teachable moment.

    Here’s an assignment for the older students, have them do one of my ShadowPrisms for their initials or any set of initials. I’m believe that sets of 3 English letters (derived from the Phoenicians) could be somewhat tweaked into a ShadowPrism. I have not found a combo that could not work yet – (like looking for a higher primes).

    Share and Enjoy!

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