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    Krasherox: Still Finding My Way Around...

    Published on - April 7, 2015 by krasherox



    If I were to have a blog column it would have to be called, "Word from Out in Left Field." Unlike most Tinkercad users I am not very tech savvy, and when I tinker, I do so from the heart, not from the neck up... I barely know how to use any of the tools. Alignment Tool? Don't know what it does, so I must not need it... A real Cad user could break down any of my designs, and say ,"Why isn't this perfectly symmetrical? All he had to do was plug the numbers in....duh! "

    What I do have is insight gained after years of sculpting; the ability to visualize what kind of template I need on Tinkercad, based on the templates I would use with clay. I'm that kid in the classroom, who's daydreaming in the corner, making his math sheet into an origami robot, not the one diligently adding up sums, and so I go on a lot of tangents. I experiment with shapes, just for the heck of it, all the time.  I have to stumble around and see what's possible by sheer trial and error. So, if you don't hear from me, just realize that I'm out in Left Field chasing butterflies! And I hope to drift in with a net full of really cool things I've discovered!

    Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 1.38.03 PM

    Today I published an experimental session entitled "Der SkumpyWuffle", which was an attempt to see what it would take to make a seamless mass out of grouped ovals. I enjoyed getting a sense of flow in the shark/dolphin-like SkumpyWuffle's body. It's basically research on how to make Dinosaurs that  have less obvious seams between body and limbs. Well, I'm going back out there to Left! See ya!

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