KiwiMrDee: I come from a land down under

Hello fellow Tinkercad enthusiasts.

I am ‘Andrew D Kiwi‘ and there is something important I need to share with you.

what is a kiwi

I am from New Zealand so I am a Kiwi. We call each other Kiwis just as Americans might call each other Yankees. Native people of New Zealand are the Maori (Pic A) they are Kiwis too.

We take our name from the national bird, the kiwi (Pic B). It is a protected, endangered, flightless, nocturnal bird around the size of a domestic chicken. It lays the largest egg in relation to their body size of any species of bird in the world.

The Kiwi-Fruit was developed in New Zealand and is great to eat on it’s own (I prefer to leave the skin on) or added to cakes (Pic C).

So when you say ‘I would love to eat a kiwi’ instead of ‘I would love to eat a Kiwi-Fruit’ you are suggesting cannibalism or an act of ecological lawbreaking.  Just saying.

Andrew D Kiwi


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