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    Community Challenge Update: The Cupcakes and Critters Crew have spoken!

    Published on - March 30, 2015 by AndyTaylored

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    Thanks everyone who made Cuppies for the Cupcakes and Critters Challenge!  The Cupcakes and Critters crew have spoken and they have some faves.




    Not only did they have high praises, but they've given us some of the cutest little prizes we've seen in a while to give to their top 3 picks!  So, Andrew D Kiwi, Dragon Girl and dragonjoust - you'll be getting your very own handmade, stuffed Cuppy!


    Puppy Cuppy by Dragon Girl Puppy Cuppy by Dragon Girl



    #Kiwi #Cuppy by Andrew D Kiwi #Kiwi #Cuppy by Andrew D Kiwi



    Big Horn #Cuppy by dragonjoust Big Horn #Cuppy by dragonjoust



    They only have so many Cuppy plushies, so it was a hard decision.