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    The Tinkercad family just got a little bigger - Welcome Tinkerplay!

    Published on - March 17, 2015 by sarahorourke76


    Today we are excited to announce a new addition to the Tinkercad family, Tinkerplay. Tinkerplay allows anyone to design and customize their own characters and creatures using a library of modifiable parts and then 3D print the parts to play. The magic of Tinkerplay is that it is intuitive enough for a 4 year old but still inspiring and engaging for older kids and adults.

    Tinkerplay Screenshots

    Tinkerplay started as the Modio iPad app almost a year ago. Tinkerplay is a free app that’s now available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Surface/tablet devices – and is designed to work equally well on phones and tablets.

    We believe in the power of making Tinkercad simple and this is the first step in making it available on additional devices. The team is working on deeper integration between the two products. To start with, the Tinkercad team has added a selection of Tinkerplay parts and connectors to the Tinkercad part library so people can start to have fun and experiment with building their own parts.

    Get started using Tinkerplay today! Download the app using the following links:

    Download for iOS:

    Download for Android:

    Download for Windows Phone:

    Download for Windows tablets:

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