Community Challenge: Create a Cuppy!

Community Challenge: Create a Cuppy!

Team Tinkercad is excited to announce a new Community Challenge for March! If you are a fan of gaming, cupcakes or critters, then keep reading!  We are working with the awesome team behind  the Cupcakes and Critters game and want all you Tinkerers to try creating your own Cuppy!

Who’s Cuppy? He is only the most adorable cupcake around.  Just tag your model #cuppy so it’s searchable in the gallery, and the heavily-sugared brains behind Cupcakes and Critters just might use some of your designs in the final game!


What kind of cupcakes can you make?

Steven, the creator of Cupcakes and Critters, is excited about this too! He just started using Tinkercad and had this to say:

I wanted to make a 3D-printable Cuppy from Cupcakes and Critters and someone suggested I take a look at Tinkercad. I was planning on importing the 3D file from the game but figured I’d see if I would recreate it with Tinkercad’s tools. At first I was skeptical about using browser based 3D modeling tools; thinking they’re either too cumbersome to easily achieve my ideas. However when I first loaded up Tinkercad, I was presented with a series of hands on tutorials that were surprisingly easy to follow while cleverly teaching me the few basic concepts I wanted to know. It wasn’t long before I was dragging, stretching, spinning and coloring simple shapes into Cupcake in a matter of minutes. Then just when I thought I had my design figured out, I discovered the community section of shapes–pages and pages of cool custom shapes I could pick from. Now Cupcake has a cool spiral of whipped cream thanks to other tinkerers that shared their work!

To learn more about how the team at Cupcakes and Critters created the game check out this great video of them behind the scenes. You will definitely see Cuppy too!


  1. […] The Initive team often works with Autodesk Maya LT, and Autodesk have decided to help them launch this fun competition. By using their free and user-friendly Tinkercad web-based 3D design tool, fans and designers are invited to create their own interpretation of maskcot Cuppy, and save it to the gallery with the tag “#Cuppy”. The prize you’ll be fighting for: a chance to have your characters featured in the final release of Cupcakes and Critters. For more details on entering the competition, go to the Tinkercad blog here. […]

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