Casting Call: We need contestants for The #PenguinDatingGame!

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.07.27 PM

Hey Tinkerers!

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and we were talking about what Peter’s significant other might look like.  Some of us are of a generation that looked to Chuck Woolery to help those poor souls find a perfect mate on The Love Connection and later on The Dating Game, so voila… introducing The Penguin Dating Game!

Our current host is Ryan “Peter” Seacrest (thank you Andrew D Kiwi), but the original show had 5 different hosts just on the American version since first airing in 1965.  It has since been shown in 24 different countries with their own versions and has had as many different hosts.


So we’ve officially opened a Casting Call for contestants: we need you to help create mates for Peter or even new steamy characters that might be a good match.  Just tag it #penguindatinggame so it’s searchable in the gallery.  We’ve got some new Tink shirts saved for our favorites.

What kinds of contestants can you make?

Tell us what you Tink

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