Birdwatchers Beware: Digiscoping Meets 3D Printing!

Check out this cool story from our friends at iMateralise!

Day-by-day, digital technologies are becoming more progressive, but no matter how hard companies try, users are constantly looking for more powerful devices to fulfil their needs. Luckily, users’ goals can sometimes be reached by combining two existing devices into one solution. That’s how digiscoping was invented.


Digiscoping is a photo technique that allows users to capture distant images using their digital camera or smartphone by coupling it with an optical telescope. This technology is very popular with birdwatchers. Because they normally already having a spotting scope, birdwatchers interested in digiscoping only need to get an adapter to connect the scope as a lens to their smartphone.

Pete Gamby from Opticron – a company producing customer optics – has come up with the idea of using 3D Printing to create a lightweight, compact, simple-to-use, and low-cost adapter for digiscoping. It allows owners of Opticron telescopes and binoculars to attach their smartphone to those instruments quickly and easily. – Read more

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