Fixing Tinkercad – Sign in Loop / Can’t Log in

The migration to Autodesk has caused some unforeseen issues for most users. As we get them sorted out, we’re posting the solutions here.

#FixingTinkercad: Some users are falling into an endless loop during their log in – this could be due to 3rd party cookies being blocked. Here’s a couple of ways  to get around it.

1.  Unblock the cookies and site data from 3rd parties by selecting “Allow local data to be set (Recommended)” and try to sign in again.

For Chrome:
Go to 
Chrome://settings -> Privacy -> Content settings…


For Firefox:
Go to Options -> Privacy -> History ->Select Firefox will: Use custom settings for history -> Select “Accept cookies from sites” -> Set Accept third-party cookies to be “Always”


For Safari:
Go to Safari -> Preferences… -> Privacy -> Select “Never” for “Block cookies and other website data”


2.  If you want to create exceptions only for Autodesk sites, you can also specify these and try again:


For Chrome, please go to Chrome://settings -> Privacy -> Content settings… -> Manage  exceptions…


Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. This loop seems to happen mostly on Firefox default settings. At my school all computers come with Firefox and I cannot log in to Tinkercad on any of them, but when I installed Chrome on one of them it logged me in without any problems. When I put the exceptions from above step 2 into Firefox it did log in no problem, so you might want to put some screenshots for adding exceptions to Firefox in this topic too.

    Also, the seems to be the important one, because at first entering the exceptions didn’t work, but when I double-checked I found I made a typo in that one. When I corrected the typo it worked.

  2. On my Chromebook, I tried the workaround to specify the sites to allow. I put them in exactly as noted above, and I continue to get the endless login loop. I also tried to log in to 123d with my autodesk login and it didn’t work, but logging in as an educator on the autodesk site DID work.

  3. Update: once we changed settings to universally accept cookies (rather than just specifying the autodesk sites) we were able to log in. Thanks for your help.

  4. I’m still stuck at login (login fields disappear, shadow box stays, then nothing happens) after setting to: “Allow local data to be set” and adding exceptions. Using Windows 7, Chrome. Are there recent Java version requirements to use the site and design software?

  5. What’s preventing the login issue on Safari browsers running on Macs from being resolved. Opening up the browser to accept all cookies isn’t an option for some environments and hence not a workaround. I’m trying this on Version 8.0.3 (10600.3.18) (btw, the screen shot above does not match, and neither is there a way to enter exceptions. Instructing TinkerCad to elementary students with these issues isn’t helping to get my students enthusiastic about using this environment and I’d prefer not to have to look for an alternative. I earnestly appeal that basic login issues be addressed with some priority.

  6. I can log into fine. I cannot log into Tinkercard o Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. I have tried two PCs and a MAC. This only started within the past 3 weeks or so. THe above workarounds have not made a difference. Ideas?

  7. Does the staff/webmaster think that forcing users to jump through hoops to sign in is the smart solution to this issue? It is a bug–fix it! I have done everything advised here and still cannot sign in on Firefox. Bye, Tinkercad!

    Hint: Until you work out the bug, just substitute a simple html sign-in page that works.

      • No it does not. Why would I need to alter the default cookie settings, that work everywhere else on the internet, for your website? You are telling people “if you wanna login to this you need to let everyone everywhere track you”. Why the *&@#&^ would anyone do that? What service do you provide that requires facebook to track me on your site? Drawing pictures?

        If you want to use a third party authentication mechanism, then use oauth. This is fail.

      • Tinkercad now calls on Autodesk’s database, hence the 3rd party cookie. You can also allow individual exceptions, see above.

      • You actually don’t need to allow facebook to set cookies. If you use the tinkercad/autocad authentication, the login works fine WITHOUT allowing facebook to set a cookie

  8. I’ve tried logging in with Chrome & Firefox, both set to allow 3rd party cookies, allow sites to use local storage & even turned off all ad blocking – and I’m still unable to log in. I submitted a ticket for this but have not received a response. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. So… the only way to log in is to set our browsers to allow all sites to share info with all other sites, including pages and cookies that snuck in by piggybacking on ads?

    You should be ashamed for even suggesting that.
    As long as there is ONE untrustworthy website on the entire internet, 3rd party cookies should Never be enabled.

    I’d like to someday try out your service if you ever repair the problem.

    • Sorry for the misunderstanding. If you read the whole article, you’ll see you can also make exceptions for specific sites.

      2. If you want to create exceptions only for Autodesk sites, you can also specify these and try again:


  10. I’ve got safari set to allow cookies from sites I visit. the tinkercad cookie appears in the list, yet I still cannot log in. It won’t recognize my password, just blanks out the fields for email and password. I’ve reset new passwords 4 times. This site is junk. Software must be too.

  11. No matter how many different browsers I try, no matter how many times I update them, it will log me in to start my conversion to whatever this autodesk thing is, but when it asks for my login a second time to complete the conversion it NEVER accepts the exact same username and password it JUST used to migrate my account. This needs to be fixed now, or I am never using this site again, and I will be very disappointed if I lost all my data and HOURS and HOURS of hard work on this site, I loved it until I can no longer use it with saying goodbye to everything I had done before October. I would really appreciate your team working on this problem immediately as it looks like I am not the only person with this issue by far. Sorry for the frustration in this post, but I have been messing with this website trying to restore my stuff for an hour now. In my opinion, things like this should NEVER keep you from your data, regardless of the change in format of the website. You should ALWAYS make your customers have access. If you can figure out how to solve this issue without it resulting in the exact same thing for me each time, I would really appreciate a real solution to the problem. All I want is my old data back.

  12. I am having problems logging into my account and it keeps putting me into a log-in loop. I am using Safari. No matter what I do to fix the problem, I cannot log in.

  13. I was able to log into some Autodesk sites but couldn’t get into until I modified this list. Anyone still having this problem in Chrome should try adding these exceptions for third party cookies. Note that you might not need all of the exceptions, but I haven’t taken the time to see if you can eliminate any of them.


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