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    Fixing Tinkercad - Sign in Loop / Can't Log in

    Published on - December 2, 2014 by AndyTaylored

    Tips & Tricks

    The migration to Autodesk has caused some unforeseen issues for most users. As we get them sorted out, we're posting the solutions here.

    #FixingTinkercad: Some users are falling into an endless loop during their log in - this could be due to 3rd party cookies being blocked. Here's a couple of ways  to get around it.

    1.  Unblock the cookies and site data from 3rd parties by selecting "Allow local data to be set (Recommended)" and try to sign in again.

    For Chrome:
    Go to 
    Chrome://settings -> Privacy -> Content settings…


    For Firefox:
    Go to Options -> Privacy -> History ->Select Firefox will: Use custom settings for history -> Select “Accept cookies from sites” -> Set Accept third-party cookies to be “Always”


    For Safari:
    Go to Safari -> Preferences… -> Privacy -> Select “Never” for “Block cookies and other website data”


    2.  If you want to create exceptions only for Autodesk sites, you can also specify these and try again:


    For Chrome, please go to Chrome://settings -> Privacy -> Content settings… -> Manage  exceptions…


    Stay tuned for more updates!