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    Fixing Tinkercad - Passwords are Different!

    Published on - November 25, 2014 by AndyTaylored

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    The migration to a 123D log-in has caused some unforeseen issues for most users. As we get them sorted out, we're posting the solutions here.

    Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.06.26 AM

    Hey Tinkerers,

    A lot of users are unable to log in to their accounts since the migration to Autodesk 123D and the problem has usually been a matter of Case-Sensitivity or remembering that the new password has numbers AND letters.  Autodesk log in required you to create a password with at least one letter and a number - be sure you remember to copy exactly!

    Thanks for your patience as we continue #fixingtinkercad, and as always, email us at with any questions.

    Team  Tink