A Message From Our Tinkerer in Chief

Pete Armstrong #PenguinTimeMachine by Andrew D Kiwi

We have seen our Tinkercad community grow tremendously over the last several months. This growth has delighted us as the Tinkercad brand, product and community are extremely important to Autodesk.

I recognize and apologize for the frustrations many of you have had recently, with performance, site stability and account migration. We’ve been working hard to fix the issues and to ensure our foundation can support our growing community into the future.

I ask for your continued patience as we strengthen the Tinkercad foundation. We promise to keep you updated as we move through this process. You will see and experience incremental improvements, and likely some bumps as we do this work.

I want you to know that my team and I hear you, and are committed to making Tinkercad the very best it can be.

Happy Tinkering,

Samir Hanna
Tinkerer in Chief
(aka Vice President and General Manager, Autodesk Consumer and 3D Printing)


  1. Thank you Samir, that’s a very reassuring post. I love TInkercad and rely very heavily on it for my livelihood. It’s one of the very the best-executed and most useful pieces of software I’ve encountered in my 35+ years of computing.

    • +1 on moving toward an offline app. But two significant engineering challenges I think are necessary before offloading rendering to clients are 1) intermediate mesh cacheing, and 2) GPU support in Gen6.

      • Once again, everybody else’s comments have been released except mine, including those posted after mine. This happened last week, but Andrew claimed there’d been a technical error. What about now?

        If you aspire to an open discussion, then you can’t be afraid.

  2. Thanks! I’m finally seeing autodesk CARE about Tinkercad!

    It really is a tremendously well made software due to the fact that shapes can be intuitively mated, and that camera use is easy and understandable. Both of these are ridiculously over complicated on other software pieces.

    Thanks you.

  3. I have watched the model railroad community move into the digital age with the ability to make models in CAD and print those very models. As a small manufacturer I have been searching for a way to break into this relatively new way of doing things but have been frustrated by the learning curve of the programs I’ve tried. Recently I watched a short video from a link in Shapeways and almost immediately I was making models with TinkerCAD. I’m hooked! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  4. Thank you! I love Tinkercad and I’m using it in an elementary school computer lab. It hasn’t been working well the past two weeks. I really hope it’s better this week!

    • Hi,

      My friend and I are beginning a 3D design class using Tinkercad. We are both worried about teaching on days that it isn’t running. Have you found a good alternative or good thing to teach while its down? We don’t want to waste everyone’s time on days it isn’t working.

      Thank You,
      A fellow Tinkerer.

      • Hi,

        I am in the same boat. I tried Tinkercad and decided it was the best tool for my high school students to learn about 3-D design. However, the last two days that we have tried to use the program, it undergoes “maintenance” around 2:00 my time (central USA). Two days lost in the classroom are not conducive to teaching. I wish this was up and running. 😦

  5. Thank you Samir for your efforts and that of the entire team. I appreciate the hard work that has gone into getting Tinkercad to the point it’s at and the mountain of effort still needed to bring it to the stable and scalable home we all aspire to.

    When you say that you’ll increase transparency and keep us better informed, is it reasonable of us to expect that you’ll encourage the development of a stronger user community by changing the support link on the home page from a private email address (team@tinkercad.com) to the public Tinkercad community forums (forum.123dapp.com/123d/products/123d_tinkercad)?

    Can we expect that our questions directed specifically at the Tinkercad team will at least get responded to in the forums so that all users can benefit from the answers?

    Can we be given a day or two notice that a major update is about to go live so that we can rearrange our schedules so that we’re able to make our deadlines and schedule our classwork ahead of possible Tinkercad instability?

    • Same here, i have been begging for an offline version of TC for a while now. I have tried a bunch of 3d design software packages, including others made by Autodesk, they all suck in my opinion. I don’t need to spend a half hour making a basic shape that takes me roughly five minutes in TC instead. I own copies of a few other programs but i rarely if ever use them, mostly when TC goes down and i am forced to sit and try and be productive with them instead while i was in the middle of a tinkering project. I would GLADLY pay for an offline version of TC. Considering the prices i have paid for other programs that i just find to difficult or bloated to use i would gladly pay up to around $150 for an offline version of TinkerCad, it would be a tremendous value for the money. It wouldn’t need anything fancy like cloud storage as some other programs do, but it could be offered at an additional cost or subscription for those that do. I have tens of terabytes of home NAS storage so relying on cloud based storage is slow and frustrating. Having an offline version of TinkerCad and paired with my home storage i could continue working without internet or TC servers being down.

  6. I like the fact is is accessible via web. Nice product, fairly priced, thanks Autodesk for keeping it alive! It was not so long ago that we thought we had lost it. So we can certainly live with some bumps.

  7. Still sad 😦 when I import a newly created svg vector file (from vector magic), it just comes out as a solid block. Any clues?

  8. worst account creation interface ever. I will never direct my students to your website ever again. I created an account and logged in, like ten times. Except, it never ever logged me in, and never ever showed any ability to actually create a thing.

    very very very very sad

    thanks for wasting a lot of time for a lot of people. Are you unclear in the concept of the purpose ofcomputers? Maybe concentrate on having it work FIRST, then make it all fancy like.

    and now I see that the details form below automatically gets my gravitar info. NIce. take take take and give nothing.

    Thoroughly disgusted


    • Dear Thoroughly disgusted,

      I had a similar problem signing in once I’d moved my account over to the Autodesk accounting system. But when I thought about it I realized that the problem was something called “cross-domain cookies”. I had third party cookies disabled in my browser. This is a problem because you’re signing into the autodesk.com domain, but tinkercad.com can’t access that browser cookie. So Tinkercad didn’t know that I’d signed on and kept throwing me back to the login screen.

      I’ve been encouraging the Tinkercad team to warn people of this problem on the login screen, at least until they add a cross-domain cookie solution. But no such luck so far.

      Try to log in again with 3rd party cookies enabled and then circle back here to let us know whether you’re still disgusted.

      – Bob

  9. still not working….I would rather pay for classroom accounts that work then be frustrated day after day by the free service…

  10. My site says that I have reached my limit yet I can only see 7 designs. I have searched ways to view what I assume must be hidden designs but not luck…any suggestions?

  11. Oops!
    500 – Something went horribly wrong

    Get me out of here

    A little help please!!! Every time I sign in with my Autodesk account even after migration this is what I get. I have not been able to work in over a month.

  12. Please please make it work like it used to
    Currently a nightmare as an educator, way too unreliable…
    Would gladly pay to make it more stable or offline version.

    • Hi Ulrik,
      The team is working on it – thanks for your patience. You’re not alone, we’re building out an infrastructure and program for educators, stay tuned.

      • Whenever a user raises an issue related to a problem they’re having with Tinkercad in an online forum like this one that discussion should remain online through to resolution. When you take the discussion offline you’re denying the multitude of other users who are or will experience the same problem the benefit of the answer.

        Similarly, the support link at the bottom of the Tinkercad home page should not be an email link but rather a link to the Tinkercad Support community forums.

        – Bob

  13. Is there a simple 2d cad program to draw house plans that will work on Chromebook.?
    Is tinkercad part of auto-cad? Will auto-cad lite work on Chromebook?

  14. I am haveing the same problem as every one else. Can’t sign on to autocad. I wish it was back to the old version without autodesk!!

  15. Tinkercad is by far the most intuitive CAD software I used so far. I’m saying that especially after having tried 123d design (which is terrible). However every geometric primitive MUST have an adjustable resolution. Good examples are the shapes by JWSadler and Anthony Graglia.

  16. Hi,

    I am trying to design in Tinkercad. Everything goe OK, but sometime it keep on saving without saving without stopping. I have to reload the page and I lose a part of my job.

    What can I do ?


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