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    A Message From Our Tinkerer in Chief

    Published on - November 14, 2014 by sarahorourke76



    Pete Armstrong #PenguinTimeMachine by Andrew D Kiwi

    We have seen our Tinkercad community grow tremendously over the last several months. This growth has delighted us as the Tinkercad brand, product and community are extremely important to Autodesk.

    I recognize and apologize for the frustrations many of you have had recently, with performance, site stability and account migration. We've been working hard to fix the issues and to ensure our foundation can support our growing community into the future.

    I ask for your continued patience as we strengthen the Tinkercad foundation. We promise to keep you updated as we move through this process. You will see and experience incremental improvements, and likely some bumps as we do this work.

    I want you to know that my team and I hear you, and are committed to making Tinkercad the very best it can be.

    Happy Tinkering,

    Samir Hanna
    Tinkerer in Chief
    (aka Vice President and General Manager, Autodesk Consumer and 3D Printing)

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