What’s been happening to Tinkercad?

faq_penguinIt’s about time that we took a few minutes to explain to all our users what exactly has been happening with Tinkercad over the past few weeks.

We appreciate your patience with us during these changes. So take a quick read on some of the highlights. Our goal is to let you know the ‘why’ behind the changes.

First up, site stability: Tinkercad has been experiencing record traffic and usage. Behind the scenes, we were implementing account migration changes that caused issues; that coupled with a surge in usage over the past few months has really challenged our servers’ capabilities. Over the past two weeks the development and engineering team has been working to isolate those causes. The penguins don’t like not being able to access their models any more than you do, so we are excited to say down time will be reduced greatly in the next few days.

Next, account migration: After joining the Autodesk family last year, Tinkercad has been in line to become part of the Autodesk single sign-on experience. The key benefit is being able to have one account for all of your various Autodesk products, sites, etc.

This migration happened at the same time of new record traffic, about 10x of what we had when Tinkercad reopened last year. Unfortunately we did not see those issues in the testing environment.

If you have not yet migrated your account, please read the previous blog posts on how to do that easily. Hopefully you will migrate with no issues. Some users have reported problems seeing their models. NO WORRIES! They are still there and a fix is in the works to have your models linked back. The team is pushing the fix this week.

And finally, DRUM ROLL PLEASE…Tinkercad is now open to all ages: So here is the news that you have all been waiting for!

The reason we made these changes was to allow access to Tinkercad for any user, regardless of their age. Let’s repeat that one again. Any user can now create their own Tinkercad account! For our younger users, you can create your very own account and have the adult in your life approve your access.

For those TinkerTeachers out there, that means you can now use it in your classroom. This is one of the biggest asks from the Tinkercad Community and we are happy to make this announcment!

Thanks for taking the bumpy ride, we are excited that it will have been worth it. We promise to keep the penguins locked up for a while once we get through this.

Happy Tinkering,

The Tinkercad Team


  1. as a Tinkerteacher i’m glad to see all the new features for y students, but i like to see a walkthru to config a educationaccount so i don’t have to login to all the studentsaccounts.

  2. I’m so glad that students can finally use this. I’ve been looking forward to getting them on here. Will students be able to login in using their Google Apps accounts? I know that in the sign in section, signing in through Google is one of the options. When I try to have a student sign in with it though, they get a bad request screen. It’d be so much easier to have them go through Google Apps than having to manage user names for all of them. Thanks!

  3. It worked great for a few days, but now for the last couple it’s reverted to unusability. I can open my model and look at it, but shortly after I start editing it fails to save. Deadlines looming, parts needing to be sent out for fabrication, I can’t finish the design 😦

  4. Why does it seem to go down at the same time every day – 13:45 Eastern USA – even on weekends? Is this some kind of scheduled build update or server maintenance?

    • TinkerCAD worked today (2:30 central time) with my class of 25 students for the first time in ages…. WOOHOO!!!! Lets hope for 2 days in a row tomorrow!

      If it works all week i’m buying some ADSK stock 🙂

  5. What’s the deal with WebGL? My browser and graphics card is up to date but still I can not edit any of my tinkercad creations.

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