Update: Migration and STL Upload are fixed!

First of all, thank you everyone for your patience the last couple of days while we migrate to the 123D log in!  We’ve pushed a fix that has corrected the main issues you were all facing yesterday:

1. STL Uploads in the editor are timing out.
2. Some users were locked out of their account.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.56.55 PM
Uploaded Tuesday night, woot!

STL Uploads in the editor are timing out.

Got it – the last fix should have corrected that.  It may take a bit longer than usual, but upload away.

(More importantly) If you were locked out of your account, the migration process will now allow you to reclaim your original Tinkercad account.  We added another big dialogue on the front page, but just follow the same instructions in our first post. I’ve tested it on my personal account, and it worked fine.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.06.12 AM
First click HERE.
Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.06.26 AM
Then enter your TINKERCAD log-in.
Once your Tinkercad account is named, then enter your Autodesk log-in (or sign-up for one)
Here’s what you’re looking for.
Click Migrate Now! to proceed with combining the accounts.

Let it think for a minute, then you should get a message when it succeeds.

Thanks again, and a sincere apology for the Penguin-poop storm yesterday.  We are that much closer to that-infrastructure-that-you’ve-been-asking-for-but-we-can’t-really-talk-about, so stay tuned for more updates.

If you have any more troubles, please email us at team@tinkercad.com.


  1. It’s ok with all the migration stuff, but when will be available the cool generative 3d modelling tools from the sandbox? it looks promising, but still has a lot of bugs which make it unable to use. tinker cad is a great tool as well, what about some generative add-ons on the future?:)

  2. Migration did work: in the W8-app i see my projects, but in the app, the edit field is empty. I can’t see my project,
    The web interface reroutes me after inlog (with my autodesk id) back to the login screen. #help?

  3. It will not let me migrate my account. It says the password or username/E-mail is in correct, yet it is correct. Please fix this. This is happening with others in my classes too.

  4. Thank you for handling this so well. I felt like an idiot when I locked myself out, but your post last night kept me calm and you’ve delivered a prompt fix. My miniature giant robots are safe!

  5. Thank you for handling this so well. I felt like an idiot when I locked myself out, but your post last night kept me calm and you delivered a prompt fix. My miniature giant robots are safe!

  6. I never get any migration notification, it just lets me log on as I’ve always done. The site is not working well at all, though – sluggish file opening (minutes), STL import is flaky and extremely slow, objects are disappearing at random times, and finally I just got booted off right in the middle of editing, with a “gateway did not respond error”. Once again my business grinds to a halt as Tink goes down. And it’s been working so well for the past couple of months, sigh.

  7. Oh, and 20 minutes worth of work not saved; all gone when I logged in again. Continual “A problem occurred while trying to save the document.” errors.

  8. Having many many troubles with the switch over with my students. Help. 😉 Says the account has already been migrated but won’t allow us in, or won’t recognize passwords, or…my elementary students have email addresses to use for sign up but they are not active to receive emails on them so I cannot even utilize the forgot password link. Trying to switch over 90 kids with about 1/3 success.

  9. I migrated to a new Autodesk account that I setup. After it completed I created a new 3d design all is well. I closed tinkercad and came back later and tried to login. When I use the new Autodesk sign in my designs don’t load and I don’t get anything. I have to redo the migrate account which then says the tinkercad account is associated with a different account or something like that. I tell it to migrate anyway and then I can see all my designs. Problem is everytime I log off and back on again it does the same thing. Only way to see my stuff is to re-migrate every time. Please help ..

  10. Hey

    Can you please add a “Remember me” option for signing in?
    Before the migration, I usually didn’t have to sign-in, it happened automatically, but there is no tick for that anymore.


  11. You guys are just killing me here. Service is down more than it’s up for days now (sometimes going down during work in progress, causing data loss), and log-in is still iffy and confusing. And all for what – to satisfy some marketing ego for Autodesk branding? Tinkercad has plenty of brand recognition already, no one cares if it’s an Autodesk product or not, and in fact trying to rebrand it will probably do more harm than good. It was working great, now it’s broken, and I can’t get anything done. This is why I swore never to invest in another cloud-based application, but the fact is that nothing is as good as Tink.

    • I understand your frustration, lots of people are having trouble.
      The Autodesk migration isn’t for vanity, it’s the only way to get Tinkercad COPPA compliant. But as they are different systems with different foundations, the merge is tricky.

  12. Getting the below error:

    Tinkercad User Account Migration. If you already migrated your account, you are all set! If you are having trouble seeing your designs, you might want to read our new blog post. Here take my flipper.
    500 – Something went horribly wrong

    Get me out of here

    Happens on any login. Either this or I get endless login loop. Email address used is the tinkercad account name.

  13. This has to be the most unpleasant migration of an old account to a new account I have ever experienced. I’m now getting Oops! 500 …. posted within the migration sign-in form.

  14. It’s been working great for me for the past 24 hours, until just now at 2:30PM EST when I got the dreaded save error again. Must be all those darned kids just released from school 🙂

      • It timed out and I had to wait 5-10 minutes to get back on, but it’s been OK since. I’ve learned (the hard way) to pay close attention to the “Saving…” status and stop working immediately if it’s not able to save.

  15. I just tried to log on. I am running Mac 10.9.5 Safari 7.1 when I try and log on it crashes I have tried this 10 times over the last 2 days and it just crashes. It was working last week but not now. I have not upgraded anything or added any new programs so I am at a loss why this is not working. I Hope you can let me know how to get this working again.

  16. Still no good, I even bought a new computer! I think it has to do with the browser settings. With the new computer (not migrated with my gmail account) i could log in and tinker my projects. After my google account was installed, i could no longer work on my projects.
    Are there maybe soms setting in Chrome which have te be resetted?
    I could work (for a while) in IE. but now even that doesn’t work anymore.
    Please help!!!

  17. Can we please get the “Oops!
    500 – Something went horribly wrong” problem solved. it is oficially a loop where I cannot design.

  18. I have a related problem. After initially making an Autodesk account / Tinkercad login and doing a few designs, I tried to attach my Facebook account to it. Apparently this instead created a separate new Tinker cad account, attached my Facebook to that, and wiped out my stored password for the first account. So, all my designs are now inaccessible. Is there some way to merge the two accounts, or delete the second one? I’ve spent over an hour googling this and reading blogs and FAQs to no avail.

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