Tinkercad to 123D Migration Walkthrough – Your Models are OK!


Here’s a walkthrough of the Tinkercad -> 123D migration for those of you who are still having trouble!  This has worked for most people, but if your models are still missing, give this a shot.

We’ve also gotten reports of Safari and IE giving people the most trouble.  We’re aware of that and are working on another update to go out tonight, in the meantime, try Chrome or Firefox.  However, if you’ve exhausted this process and you’re still having issues, give us an email at team@tinkercad.com.



  1. Hi Andrew:
    I’ve seen your complete video tutorial is very easy, my problem is that does not work: “forgot reset password?” of tinkercad old.
    that I can do?

  2. I’m getting the password/name not matching error when trying to migrate/access my old account. I have not created a 123D account yet.

  3. Watched the video 3 times and still seem not to have migrated my account. all models are lost. Tinkercad now says it has no record of my email address being a member of Tinkercad. Looks like I’ve lost everything. Other than that, everything is OK.

  4. So what about IE11? I still can’t login using it. I don’t have the luxury of installing any old browser on certain machines that I use.

  5. IE Still kicks me around in a login Loop. Never logs in properly. Come on guys, Stop tinkering with each others cads, and get tinkercad to tinker. hohoho

  6. Hey

    The new Sign-In Box is missing the “Remember me” check, so I have to insert my username and password every time I visit Tinkercad. Can you please fix that?

    Thanks a lot

  7. My password worked fine at last, thanks! So everything is migrated and I see my old models but not the new ones in the 123d account. Are the new ones gone now?

  8. I can log into Autodesk 123d without a problem.

    I migrated my Tinkercad account to Autodesk/Tinkercad, but if the files/projects got there I cannot find them.

    I was using and logging into Tinkercad with my Gmail account.
    My autodesk 123d account was under my Hotmail account.

    Could this be a problem?

    please help me,


  9. Well, it’s October 30th, and the Tinkercad site still super slow and/or not working at all. Will this be fixed any time soon? Like this year???

  10. Okay, if you’re just going to keep Tinkercad offline, just come right out and say so. It is ridiculous that every single day it does not work. Just be honest from the get go and stop the charade…

  11. I’m noticing frequent crashes and unannounced downtime. Is there a forum I can go to or a twitter feed I can check? Or could you at least add a page redirect so the browser doesn’t hang waiting for a 504 Gateway Timeout? I’ve found a number of forums and none have announcements or are terribly active.

    Ideally, we’d know a day or two before the system goes down, but if that’s not possible, at least knowing when a downtime is happening would be useful. In a classroom environment where you have a 75 min block of time, spending the first 15 with the browser hanging means I lose a huge block of class time waiting to see if the app will work today or not.

    This isn’t just about minimizing downtime, which I realize you’re working on. Or even scheduling it for low-demand times. I just mean keeping us abreast of the server status so we can tell a hiccup or a browser slowdown on our end from genuine downtime.

    • Hi RM,

      Our Twitter is @tinkercad – usually the best place for updates.

      We’d love to have a day or two’s notice, but because of a spike in new accounts, and then many users performing the same actions, the servers are slowing to a halt at weird instances. The team is trying to fortify the servers further, but Tinkercad’s original coding wasn’t really optimal for rapid expansion. Each time the site goes down, an update is pushed or they run a test to see where it hung up.

      Thanks for your patience as we get through this!!

      Thanks for your patience as we get through this!

  12. I tried to have my 8th grade students set up an account today and when they completed the registration i.e. with the birthday etc. and tried to log in it would not let them. Please advise

  13. I ran into the duplicate account issue before I saw the most recent blog post. When I tried to migrate my account, it said that my Autodesk ID was already associated with another Tinkercad account with a Migrate again option. I choose that and get a 500 error.

  14. I am logged into my Tinkercad account on a laptop, and I can see all of my designs. I tried the migration from another computer, and it created a new Tinkercad account. I then followed the steps in the video, and I get a message that my account has already been migrated but I may migrate it again. If I try to migrate again,I get a message that says my Autodesk account is already associated with a different Tinkercad account. I may have inadvertently created a new account with a different email address and attached it to my Autodesk account. When I sign in using my Autodesk ID, I see what a new user would see.
    I am afraid to log off on the laptop, as I can still edit designs and such. I get a 500 error when I click Edit Profile.


    • I have exactly the same symptoms and the same answers from the system. I have tried over and
      over and I cannot create an Tinkercard account. I am in the process of sending an email via their
      web site or wait for a few days to see if their system needs more tuning.


  15. Hi Andrew –

    First off, thank for your hard work in trying to make Tinkercad more reliable.

    Few thoughts…

    Why not release a downloadable version? Then offer the product in different forms, like 123D Design. Have the models synced through the servers so that offline or browser versions would have access to user files. That would take a ton of load off the servers, obviously.

    I’m not saying that it even needs to be free, I”m sure there are a lot of people out there that would be willing to pay for a version that has more uptime or is available offline.

    I know it sounds simple, when it really is a huge task. In the short term how about more consistent announcements on Twitter? That would be very, very helpful.

    Not trying to complain, trying to be part of the solution in making Tinkercad more readily available to everyone out there. I was attempting to use all the alternatives out there this week (3D Tin, 123D Design, Sketchup, etc) and Tinkercad offers an ease of use to younger students that the others don’t in my opinion.

    I’d still love to stay with Tinkercad but if it isn’t reliable, then we are forced to go to another tool and the designs that younger students will be able to create will become less complex. :-\

    I hope that Autodesk realizes the uniqueness of Tinkercad in regards to being able to engage younger children. It sets this product apart from their others in that way and deserves to be supported aggressively.


    • At $10/mo, Autodesk will get $600 from me for Tink over a five year period. I would gladly plunk down that $600 right now without thinking twice, for a desktop version of Tink that would work with local files.

  16. it does not work for me. After I do all what is mentioned on the video and get error 500 something went horrible wrong.

    I have tried to contact team @ tinkercad.com but no answer in over a week.

    • Hi Carlos,
      Sorry you haven’t gotten a reply yet, we’re a small team and I was out last week with a new baby.

      I walk to the dev team every 20 minutes for updates, and they’re working on it. Thanks for your patience.

      • Thanks for your reply and congratulations with the baby.

        Would you notify users when the problem has been resolved or should we keep on trying?

      • Hi Carlos,

        Thanks a bunch..!

        The site is back up, and the team are addressing each of the issues individually. There seems to be some email address issues on the Autodesk side (special characters not allowed is one example). The 123D team have removed those restrictions, are you still having trouble?

      • Yes, I am still having the 500 – Something went horribly wrong message when I try to login. My email does not have any special characters.

        I tried to do the migration again and it says the same thing.

        I am able to login to another account that my son has and his designs are ok. They moved over fine. The issue is whit my account. I was able to login once last week and I thought that the migration was done properly. However once that I tried to login after that, I saw that my designs were not there. Since then, I have not been able to login after I try to migrate from the old account.

  17. I haven’t been able to even hit the site for most of the day and now that I can reach it, I can’t log in. It just spins its wheels when trying to log in. I’m so glad I’m still on a free account. If I was paying for this, I’d be livid.

    I don’t care how good a product is, if I can’t access it, it’s useless. I don’t feel like I can trust you with my models since I can’t access them when I need them. This constant downtime is ruining your reputation, at least with me.

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