Migration Panic – Just a Stumble!

When the going gets tough…

Hi Everyone,

What a morning!  By now you have probably seen the migration pop-up on the log in for Tinkercad.  Most of you have successfully connected your Tinkercad account to your Autodesk 123D account, and are Tinkering away.

BUT, if you entered your Autodesk ID and your existing Tinkercad designs are gone, it’s because you’re looking at a new Tinkercad account. Don’t worry!  Your designs still exist, their just associated with another account (your old one).

You have to follow the migration link FIRST before putting in any credentials.  If you have an existing 123D account or create a new one, you still have to click the link first to start the process, then only enter your Autodesk ID when prompted.  If the old Tinkercad account had any models, they will be there.

Here’s what’s happening under the hood: if you input your new 123D creds first, then a new TC account is created, which is then linked to your 123D account.  Since only one Tinkercad account can be associated with a 123D account, your old designs are hanging out by themselves, waiting for your return.

We are working on a fix to allow people to revert and connect their real Tinkercad accounts – it should be pushed this evening.  The penguins are working through lunch (except Al, he’s not himself when he’s hungry) to get everyone’s accounts sorted.  Thanks for your patience as we trudge the road to COPPA compliance..!

If you absolutely, positively must get to your models immediately, you can create a new 123D account with another email address AFTER clicking the migration link.  Though we don’t recommend this, because it may just create more issues later when you have to swap emails.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at team@tinkercad.com


  1. IMPORTANT: Because AutoDesk.com is now handling session authentication, trowser third party cookies must be enabled both during migration and whenever you use Tinkercad.

  2. I migrated once. I was in my account. Then it never recognized it. I reset the password, thinking I messed up. Still doesn’t have an account associated. This is very confusing and my teachers are about to give up.

      • I submitted the following comment late last week. It sat for 4 days awaiting moderation. Then yesterday it disappeared without being posted…

        And then another stumble. And then another one after that.

        Why? Because you don’t test before pulling a relatively stable release out from under a self-professed massive user base and replacing it with one that hasn’t been adequately tested.

      • Sorry Bob,
        It must have been while we were trying to help other users get into their accounts.
        I can tell you really want to be heard, so I’ll be sure your comments get posted asap. However, from your last emails, I understood you were able to log in and use the editor successfully.
        Going forward, please forgive any delay, as our priority is to help users who are still having trouble even logging in.

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