The Great Penguin Migration to 123D (A How-To)


UPDATE: You MUST follow the instructions below, DO NOT enter your log-in first.  See a more recent post for more info after this.

You may have noticed a little change in the Tinkercad log-in process after our update last night – we’re now using Autodesk 123D accounts..!  Don’t worry, the migration is easy and it’s for good reason!

Try not to think of it as a hassle (although, we know it is and we’re sorry), think of it as a giant step towards education accounts and removing age restrictions!  Read on, dear Tinkerers.

First, click Sign In at the top right like normal, then click the link on the green dialog box to start the process.  You MUST do this first – this essentially grabs your Tinkercad account and gets it ready for the next steps.


Enter your Tinkercad log in details when prompted.  You will then see a BLUE box with your info (see below). Then either:

1. Enter your Autodesk 123D log-in.
2. Create an Autodesk 123D account by signing up for FREE with the link at the bottom.

This will be YOUR NEW LOG IN for Tinkercad!  NOW you can enter your 123D/Tinkercad details in the fields.  Be sure that your Tinkercad account is in the blue box before entering your 123D info!



You are now officially migrated.  How’s that feel?  We’re through the worst part.  (UPDATE: if you get stuck or don’t have any models in your account, read this post first)

If you have any trouble, just email us at and we’ll sort you out.

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Stay tuned for more announcements and updates..!


  1. Look, I know you want us to use 123D, and I have tries. but I honestly prefer tinkerCAD due to the fact that 1: the camera does not do crazy stuff, and I can see what the hell I am doing and… well that is it. Also all my stuff is on tinkercad. So I don’t want to lose the ability to use tinkerCAD models, esp. broken down into components. I am not going to switch completely until this is possible. And make a consolidated program that incorporates all of 123D.

  2. I lost all my designs and collections in the migration process! I sent you a mail about this. Anyone has the same problem?

  3. We use Google Apps for education and now my students cannot log into TinkerCAD on their Chromebooks. I am an administrator in Google Apps and I was able to log in by following these instructions. However, when my students do it, all that happens on the final step is that the screen refreshes with a blank password box…as if they need to enter it again, but when they do, the cycle repeats.

    I am assuming there is some permission that is off, but I have created ‘dummy’ student accounts with all the same permissions, and was able to sign up immediately.

    I am so confused. Literally none of my students can migrate their accounts!

  4. Importing .stl files no longer works after the new login. Importing .svg works fine. So I’m not sure if this is related but I imported a .stl yesterday before the login change and then tried it again after and none of my .stl’s will import. It loads, and says its importing but it just freezes there.

  5. All of my projects and files migrated fine, no worries here. But, my STUDENTS cannot migrate their accounts…when they get to the sign up page and create a username and password, it simply refreshes the page without the password box filled in. Enter it again and same thing happens. No error message…nothing. It is as if it is stuck in a perpetual loop.

    PLEASE HELP! The quarter ends Friday and they have AWESOME things to print!!!!

  6. Signing in with IE is a perpetual loop of getting kicked back to the login screen. My Students, and people who sign up for workshops I teach are dead in the water. Our computers only run IE. (This is a Public library system, getting computers installed with new and better things is retarded here,, this is all we have to work with)

  7. It’s not just IE. We are all using chome and could not create accounts on Chromebooks or desktops. We also got the perpetual loop.

    But, again, my account worked fine. The ‘dummy’ student accounts worked fine, so what could possibly be the reason that actual students could not do it??

  8. How do I get my stuff back? I signed up for Autodesk account and now it says “An existing Tinkercad account is already associated with the Autodesk ID Please sign in with another Autodesk ID or create a new Autodesk ID.”

  9. The problem may be related to the browser’s cookies setting. If the browser is set to always block cookies or accept cookies only from the current website, then the migration can’t take place correctly since both Tinkercad and 123D need to set cookies during the process.

  10. It said migration was successful, but now when I try to log in, it just goes back to the main page without logging me in. This is SOO much better. (In case you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm).

    • After migration, still can’t log in. Enter login info, hit Enter… Panel goes away, but I’m still at the main screen and not logged in.

  11. I have 15 students that have tried to migrate their accounts. 5 students have all of their designs, the other 10 have nothing. Those 10 students come up with the “an existing account already exists, please sign in with another account”. If they do this they will not have any of their designs because it will be a new account. I do not expect them to make new designs when your migration directions do not seem to work like they are supposed to for all computers. Is there any way that we can get those old accounts back so we can get our designs back?

  12. I transferred several accounts yesterday. All of them went well except for one. On that account, all my models were lost. Are they recoverable?

    • ISSUE IDENTIFIED: Unlike a lot of people, we were NOT having issues migrating. We were having issues creating accounts at autodesk123d. We were getting a perpetual loop on the account creation page.

      In any event, it appears the issue is that all of our student emails begin with a number and a period. ( On a hunch, I removed the 19. from a test student’s email address so it was just Went through the create account process again, and it worked perfectly.

      But, it makes no sense that there would not be some sort of identified error message during the account creation process to inform a user of the issue

      So, the question is, how do we resolve this issue? The quarter ends Friday, so I have a group of students leaving, and a whole new batch coming on Monday.

      PLEASE HELP!!!

  13. Guys, before you migrate you really need to check out Tinkercad’s new crazy terms-of-service. They are saying that everything you have on Tinkercad is now essentially THEIRS to do with as they want, they can even on-sell your designs to other companies. You no longer have any rights over your designs.

    “By posting, providing, uploading, submitting, sharing, publishing, distributing, making available and/or allowing others to access or use Your Content to or through the Service, you grant to us and our affiliates a world-wide, royalty-free, fully paid-up, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, and fully sublicensable (through multiple tiers) right and license (but not the obligation) to reproduce, distribute, redistribute, modify, translate, adapt, prepare derivative works of, display, perform (each publicly or otherwise) and otherwise use all or part of Your Content, by any and all means and through any media and formats now known or hereafter discovered”

    • roid,

      I know legalese can be dense, but this is only scary when taken out of context – in fact, it’s clearer about some things than our previous TOS. Here’s the actual text from the Terms of Service, which I’ll try to translate to human-readable term.

      In 3A below, the TOS very clearly says that YOU own your content, and we don’t claim any ownership.

      In 3B below, we use lots of technical jargon to explain that by posting on Tinkercad, you give us and your partners a license to your content, meaning the right to use and show off your content in connection with Tinkercad.

  14. I can no longer sign in to Tinkercad, at all. In Chrome the sign in form just hangs and in Safari the sign in form does not recognize the Autodesk credentials at all. I’ve reset my password twice and am successfully signed into both the Autodesk account in another tab on the Autodesk site and an Autodesk 123D account.

    This is the worst.

  15. After two frustrating days of trying, I can now sign into my migrated account on my work computer but not my home computer not matter which browser I use.. Guys, if you were trying to kill Tinkercad by frustrating everyone, then you’ve succeeded. Good job – I guess you’re forcing everyone onto 123D….. or to your competitors….

    • Ash,
      Thanks for your patience with the migration. The intention isn’t to force anyone to do anything. By using 123D’s single sign-on, we will now be able to lower the age restriction, institute an education account infrastructure, and build out more of the features that users are requesting.

      Granted, this migration was anything but smooth, but as Tinkercad’s community is growing at a surprising rate, we are hitting some roadblocks that we couldn’t have anticipated. We apologize for the inconvenience caused this week, and if anyone has any more troubles, email us at We aim to reply to every email we get – and most of them I respond to personally. (Except for the ones from around 2AM-5AM – we have to sleep a little).

      Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding!!

      • Andrew,

        unfortunatly some of us have been emailing and have received no response. But whats more intersting is that at first we could log in but in blank accounts, now we cannot even log in anymore. I pass the account creds and it blanks out the fields and thats it. Yesterday out of pure frustration during this process I just clicked the mouse wildly and lo-behold I got it but it was a one timer. I think somewhere along the line you have broken the browser. This behaviour on mac osx with safari, chrome and firefox.

        It is a simple fact that tinkercad is a great app for us 3d printing tinkerers but rest assured I am looking into buying an alternative cad package because I have been out of 3d action for three days now and that sucks big time.

    • I agree with you ash, i work my butt off and now all my work is gone i cant even migrate. so if you can tell me a competitor so I can get my work done then great. but i’m this close to telling all my friends to just stay away from tinkercad, worst website ever.

  16. Today I tried to login, but it is not working. Yesterday, I migrated my account, successfully logged in, and worked on some of my designs and created a few new ones. Today, I clicked the Sign in button on the home page, and the sign in window opens. I enter my email and password and the sign out window closes, but I am not logged in. I tried it several times, and it did not work. I thought I might have used the wrong password, but when I tried a different password, the sign in window stayed up and told me the email and password do not match.

    I am really frustrated with this whole migration thing, and don’t see the benefits. The migration has made tinkercad WORSE! I would be exploring other cad programs if my teacher hadn’t told me to use tinkercad. I need to work on my designs and do NOT have time for all of these problems.

  17. This is the worst. Out of 30 tries, i’ve only been able to log into tinker cad with my autodesk account once. This is lame and I just want to get my designs out of here so I can use them in sketch up.

  18. I have tried several times to migrate my account. I usually end up with a message that my E-Mail and password do not match. The PW that I entered is correct, but I clicked the “Forgot Password” box, I got a “Autodesk ID or e-mail address not associated with an auto desk account.” Does this mean that all of my stuff is lost and I should open a new account and start over?

  19. Hi, i’m trying to transfer the account and I cant. It simply says it doesn’t recognize it (mail, user, pass). I’ve even tried to change the pass in the old account in case I had forgotten even dough i remember it clear. I would appreciate a response from your team.

    Thank you

    • Hey Pedro,
      Something funky is happening for some users with duplicate accounts – that is throwing the errors you may be seeing. The team is pushing a fix today/tomorrow ASAP.

  20. I got an email to approve my child’s account. I have tried signing in to Approve the account through the link I received in my email, but it only takes me to my account without showing me the page to approve by print or using a credit card. Please, HELP

  21. Still nothing. Error 500 every time I try to login. I have tried many many times to did all the steps over and over. Will you guys notify us when the error has been fixed? I am trying to login every day and am just concern that only a couple of account have the same issue as mine and then we will just be forgotten. My kids account where transferred with no problem. Only my account has the issue, so I guess is not happening to everybody. Any idean how many account are having the issue and why?

    I really hope you can get this fixed fast. My 3d printer is getting lots of dust…

  22. Continue to have log in problems. It has been consistently failing 70% of the time, and after I log in, cannot work for more than 30 mins before “saving the project” fails and have to try and log in again which is unpredictable at best.

  23. The total migration is docked up.

    I didn’t work. I tried, but I’ve got an error. I tried again but that isn’t possible.

    Oh and by the way, when I used auto fill in from apple safari crashed.

    Maybe it’s a nice idea to go back to the old system, it’s just an idea………Think about it.

  24. I got a new set of students for the quarter, so I cannot comment on migration issues, but finally my students are able to log in and use TinkerCAD. We signed up on Friday and have been using it as a class since. It is back to working as reliably as it was before the merge. **fingers crossed**

  25. This was a great app, now offline or broken. Really sad for you guys, you’re app is unusable. I would have paid you to have the service we had before. Now I’m forced to look else where. 123D from autocad is awful.
    Thanks for the work you have done in the past, real shame it’s all been flushed away. 😦
    I guess autodesk have killed the competition.

  26. It just seems like the new server or location for Tinkercad can’t handle the traffic. Since the migration it works about 50% of the time for me. If its down I wait and hour and try again. What sucks is when it goes into it’s spinning saving mode and freezes.

  27. It is difficult to continue to talk to people who will not listen. I have been trying for a month to get back on line with TINKERCAD and can not migrate. I get the popup that says, ”Click here to migrate“ and I do that. I enter my e-mail address, as I am told, and my password. I next get another popup that says, Username and Password do not match. You tell me to use my Autodesk ID. Where do I get that? You give simple instructions, but when they are followed, we never get to “the Promised Land.”

  28. Frustrated by the inability to create my own student accounts…You have a great tool but it is painfully difficult to use with a group of 80 kids. Seriously? Parent signatures, 3-5 days, snail mail? And project ignite does little to improve on this. I was hoping it would allow me to create groups but no. Unfortunately I am left with the option of turning all of my kids into 14 year olds for the next few weeks…”Hey kids, sometimes it’s okay to lie”

    • Hi Josh,

      I couldn’t agree more – the process is problematic as it currently exists. We launched the U13 accessibility with the hopes of giving more kids the ability to learn CAD in a fun way, but legal hurdles and timelines make it reeeeeaally difficult to just flip a switch and make everyone happy. The alternative was to delay and delay, so we decided to at least make the manual process available. …to the dismay of those of us who have to do the manual entries in the meantime. 🙂

      I do know that the backend team is supposed to deliver the solution in the next few weeks, so thanks for your patience.

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