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    The Great Penguin Migration to 123D (A How-To)

    Published on - October 21, 2014 by AndyTaylored



    UPDATE: You MUST follow the instructions below, DO NOT enter your log-in first.  See a more recent post for more info after this.

    You may have noticed a little change in the Tinkercad log-in process after our update last night - we're now using Autodesk 123D accounts..!  Don't worry, the migration is easy and it's for good reason!

    Try not to think of it as a hassle (although, we know it is and we're sorry), think of it as a giant step towards education accounts and removing age restrictions!  Read on, dear Tinkerers.

    First, click Sign In at the top right like normal, then click the link on the green dialog box to start the process.  You MUST do this first - this essentially grabs your Tinkercad account and gets it ready for the next steps.


    Enter your Tinkercad log in details when prompted.  You will then see a BLUE box with your info (see below). Then either:

    1. Enter your Autodesk 123D log-in.
    2. Create an Autodesk 123D account by signing up for FREE with the link at the bottom.

    This will be YOUR NEW LOG IN for Tinkercad!  NOW you can enter your 123D/Tinkercad details in the fields.  Be sure that your Tinkercad account is in the blue box before entering your 123D info!



    You are now officially migrated.  How's that feel?  We're through the worst part.  (UPDATE: if you get stuck or don't have any models in your account, read this post first)

    If you have any trouble, just email us at and we'll sort you out.

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    Stay tuned for more announcements and updates..!

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