From the People: Tinkercad to 3D print!

At the last couple of Maker Faire events, lots of people told us how they used Tinkercad for all their 3D printing. We’re so honored to have such loyal users!   I thought I’d reflect here on some of the most popular features, in case some of you weren’t aware.  Anything I missed?

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 7.05.01 AM– Water-Tight STL files
Tinkercad is great as a last point of prep before sending a model to the printer.  The Import function can make the most stubborn files magically heal themselves, allowing you to re-export or add a solid base for stability.


Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 6.52.07 AM

– Direct to 3D print service capability.
A couple of clicks is all that stands between you and a full color print of your model (or Peter D. Penguin).  Just go to Design > Order a 3D Print.


– SVG Import
You can import a line drawing in an SVG file format to extrude right in Tinkercad (or even 123D Design).


– Slicing a Larger Print for Sectional Printing.
We covered this in a recent TinkerTip, but using 2 boxes as holes allows you to keep a clean seam when breaking up a larger model into multiple prints.



  1. This is great – and few of which I didn’t know!

    Question – in the first point “Water-Tight STL files”, how does that imported image on the left have rounded edges? If I import SVG files they are never rounded like that… could you tell me how that is done?


  2. Cool! I just use Tcad period. Significantly faster than other programs. In regard to the last comment, they pretty much got lucky. Tinkercad seems to have a max polygon count in anything except shapescript. This time, however, it did not really show. The color may have helped.

  3. Sadly, have been trying to import an svg (from a black and white line drawing, taken as photo, imported to, exported to svg) but even several versions always say “failed to execute script” in tinkercad when importing. Any ideas? I can include the image if it helps.

  4. I exported a 3D stl file from TinkerCad having first imported it as a 2d svg file. But it produced an error in Slic3r and yet I could see an error in other 3D programs. So I wonder if there is something in a TinkerCad stl file that doesn’t work with all slicing programs.

  5. Can anyone tell me how to export my .stl file from Tinkercad with “multiple shells” so that the Cubify software knows to print in multiple colours? Whether I group objects or not in Tinkercad, it always seems to only be able to print them in one colour on my Cube 3, because they apparently aren’t designed with multiple shells. Thanks.

  6. i’ve created something in tinkercad that i want to save, the only problem is that i created it in a lesson rather than creating the thing i was supposed to…. is there any way for me to save the design i’ve made?

    • Hi Samantha,

      You should be able to Copy the lesson as a new design and rename it. Otherwise, just Copy the object (CTRL/CMD+C in the editor) and Paste it in a new design.

    • Yes, just click Export in the top right corner. I’m sure you figured it out by now, but thought I could help if anyone else doesn’t know.

  7. I have a Makerbot Replicator 2 that will not recognize any files on my SD card unless it is a .x3g file. How do I convert a .stl or .x3d file to a .x3g file? Help me Obi-Wan. You’re my only hope!

  8. Just discovered tinkercad on my journey to master 3d printing and it looks amazing, but I have one question: when converted to an STL file for home printing, does it only print in solid? I’m new to the craft, and I don’t yet know how to design in the honey-combing that saves on plastic.

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