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    From the People: Tinkercad to 3D print!

    Published on - October 6, 2014 by AndyTaylored

    Tips & Tricks

    At the last couple of Maker Faire events, lots of people told us how they used Tinkercad for all their 3D printing. We're so honored to have such loyal users!   I thought I'd reflect here on some of the most popular features, in case some of you weren't aware.  Anything I missed?

    Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 7.05.01 AM

    - Water-Tight STL files
    Tinkercad is great as a last point of prep before sending a model to the printer.  The Import function can make the most stubborn files magically heal themselves, allowing you to re-export or add a solid base for stability.


    Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 6.52.07 AM

    - Direct to 3D print service capability.
    A couple of clicks is all that stands between you and a full color print of your model (or Peter D. Penguin).  Just go to Design > Order a 3D Print.

    SVG Import
    You can import a line drawing in an SVG file format to extrude right in Tinkercad (or even 123D Design).

    - Slicing a Larger Print for Sectional Printing.
    We covered this in a recent TinkerTip, but using 2 boxes as holes allows you to keep a clean seam when breaking up a larger model into multiple prints.