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    Friday Roundup - Take 3D Printing Kids Challenge

    Published on - September 19, 2014 by sarahorourke76

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    Hello There Tinkercad Friends,

    This week if you are in the local NYC area make sure to stop by and see our community manager Andy at the Autodesk booth at Maker Faire NYC. Rumor is that he might have some really cool Tinkercad swag...

    We are also excited to let you know that our friends from CG Trader are using Tinkercad in a 3D Printing Kids Challenge. Check it out and make sure to get your submission in before October 20th!


    More details here...

    3D Printing Kids Challenge: Learn, Dream, Create

    If your brain is bubbling with ideas, you have a flair for technology and have the guts to go head to head with other young geniuses like yourself, take this challenge and see your inventions come to life.

    Do you see ways how to improve the school life, home and leisure time using 3D-printed objects? Have you developed an inspiring toy concept or come up with a brilliant invention for everyday problems? Then go ahead and design it. The easiest way to develop a truly inventive idea for your project is to find something that causes trouble, a daily problem that gets people frustrated, something that requires a creative approach – then put your mind to it and offer a 3D printing-inspired solution.

    We will welcome a wide range of good quality 3D printable models from juniors aged 14 & under.

    Let your imagination roam free – learn, dream, create! Submit your model now!