1. So you’ve traded a single outside wall and some infill for outer + inner walls and a bunch of support. Hard to say which will print faster. If your printer/slicer support “shell” mode, then leaving the model “solid” and selecting that option is almost surely faster.

    • For FDM printing, where cost isn’t a huge factor – you’d be right. But with a sandstone-type print, it can mean a huge reduction in cost if you can lose the interior space.

      But anyway, using Hole to see the interior can be pretty useful.

  2. There are several shape generators that make shells with a wall thickness you can specify. This makes it much easier to design hollow shapes.

  3. Ah, I hadn’t considered the cost of sandstone etc, good point. And yes, I use the hole feature to see interiors frequently; in fact, long ago (before the acquisition) I submitted “add transparent as a color choice” as a feature request.

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