Friday Roundup

Another week has come and gone in Tinkerland and we have lots to talk about!

We could not be more honored to be called “a breath of fresh air in the world of 3D”. Thanks @lemondefr


Thanks Aaron Vanderwerk for sharing Adrian’s skull necklace created with Tinkercad on a TypeA Machine in less than two hours. Keep up the great work!s


Embedded image permalink

This is one of our favorite quotes from the Twitterverse this week! “Julie Modisette, we can’t wait to see what else your 79 year old father in law creates next!”


Embedded image permalink

We can’t get enough of seeing libraries across the nation embracing Tinkercad. This week we send a Friday Roundup high five to the Middletown Free Library and their portable maker space & digital media lab.




Also did you know that you can use Tinkercad on a Microsoft Surface tablet?  Well, you can and it is pretty awesome. Make sure to stop by any store, download today or view the recent TinkerTip to see it in action.

Happy Tinkering and make sure to send us all the good work you are doing!

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