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    World Cup Wednesday: TinkerCup 2014!

    Published on - June 4, 2014 by AndyTaylored


    Wordless World Cup Wednesday!


    Brazil v Croatia
    Game 1 - Brazil and Croatia on June 12!


    In light of the coming festivities in Brazil this year, we've hijacked Wordless Wednesday for the next few weeks to bring you the first ever, online-3D-modeling-penguin-soccer tournament - the TinkerCup!!  We've modeled 32 of our penguins to represent the qualifying FIFA World Cup teams - use these models or create your own to show your support for your favorite team.  The best part is, you could win some Tinkercad gear!

    Group B of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

    Make a model featuring your dream team or even a dream match-up with the country you think will go all the way to the finals from now until June 25 and tag the model with #Tinkercup2014.  We've got buttons, bags and T-shirts for the teams that progress past the Round of 16 in the run to the Cup!  If your team is one of the eight that makes it to the quarter finals, you'll rack up Tinkercad swag until they get knocked out!  But you better hurry, because our gear supply is limited, and only the top 10 models for each team will be considered, based on likes from the Tinkercad Community as of June 25.

    For example - say we used the model of the French team penguin eating a baguette on the Eiffel Tower by June 25 and tag it #TinkerCup2014. If the French get knocked out of the tournament during or before the Second Stage, c'est la vie...  But, if they make it past the Round of 16 to the quarter finals, then game on.  Also, the single most-liked model of the winning team will be put on a t-shirt for it's creator!   Visit the FIFA site for more info on the matches.

    If your team makes it to/or gets knocked of:

    The Round of 16: The country will mourn!

    The Quarter Finals (July 4-5): You get a Tinkercad Button and Stickers!

    The Semi-Finals (July 8-9): Button, Stickers and a Tinkercad Backpack!

    The Finals (Sunday July 13): Button, Stickers and a new Tinkercad Shirt!

    The Winning team: All of it! A Button, Stickers, Backpack, and Tinkercad Shirt!

    PLUS: The winning country model that gets the most likes in the Tinkercad Gallery will be featured on the Tinkercad Homepage AND get a shirt with an image of their model on it!


    Not the actual shirt, but what will the winning team be??

    Keep it clean, and avoid penalties. Remember:
    - Make the model Public by June 25 (we can tell when it was created) and tag it #TinkerCup2014.
    - Because only the top 10 models for each country will be considered, be sure to make it early and rack up the Likes.
    - We're all about worldliness, but please, don't submit models for more than 2 countries - Referee Peter prefers true fans.
    - Be sure it's clear in the title who's your favorite, especially if you use 2 or more countries in a single model.
    - Only one set of Tinkercad gear per person, so even if you make models for 2 teams and they both make it to the final match, you'll only get one button/bag/shirt.
    - Duplicate and Tinker all you want, but without substantial changes, only the original model will be considered for the tournament. Questionable models will ultimately be judged by Peter D. Penguin and red-carded as deemed appropriate.
    - Any questions? Email us at

    At the very least, check out Peter's friends from around the world!


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