Tinkercad and Autodesk 123D Fans & Followers,

By now, you might have heard that Autodesk announced a new open software platform for 3D printing, Spark, to help catalyze innovation, collaboration, and tighter software-hardware integration in the 3D printing industry. And, along with the Spark platform, Autodesk will release a 3D printer which will serve as a reference implementation for the Spark platform.

The 123D team is thrilled about Spark and how it will ultimately make (pun intended) 3D printing accessible. As more details about Spark and the Autodesk 3D Printer are revealed, you can expect to see connections to Spark included in 123D that will improve your design-to-print experiences as well.

Head over to and a blog post written by our very own Carl Bass for more info on Spark.

Spark - Accelerating The Future Of 3D Printing... 


– Autodesk 123D Team

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