is now Autodesk 123D Circuits!

Every January, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hosts a cornucopia of new and futuristic products that are unleashed to the tech-hungry public.  We’re excited to be a part of the excitement this year by announcing that is officially joining the Autodesk 123D family as 123D Circuits!

123D Circuits will be joining the the free 123D apps on the digital workbench, making it easier than ever to get creative. With this acquisition, our users will now have integrated access to all their favorite online design tools, from 3D design and printing to circuitry, without ever having to leave the 123D site.

For those unfamiliar with 123D Circuits, this app enables people to design electronics online and repeatedly iterate on project ideas without encountering real-world obstacles. This program is excellent for beginners and experts alike, and we could not be happier about officially being on the same team.

Existing and 123D users will both get the benefits of the ecosystems.  Just go to and log in with your Autodesk 123D account.  If you don’t have a 123D account, don’t worry, your existing Circuits projects will be merged after you’ve created one on the new page. Plus, those users with upgraded accounts will keep their benefits AND receive 123D Premium account status!


Celebrate with us by participating in the first ever 123D Circuits contest for your chance to win thousands of dollars in awesome prizes.  Welcome to Autodesk, 123D Circuits!

Read the full press release here.


  1. Excellent. Now let’s get TinkerCad and Circuits married. That is, I want to be able to use a 2 arm 3D printer where one arm adds the electrical path I’ve designed and tested at 123D Circuits and put it into the 3D design I’ve created at TinkerCad. What to use for the circuit wire? Carbomorph? Can/will you do it?

  2. Wish use the programm in a plataform more accessible, for example our smartphones. I wish can open my circuits and designs in all places I want .

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