Nut & Bolt Puzzle using Tinkercad

Here’s a pretty great project we found on Instructables – a perfect little print to test a desktop 3D printer AND make a stocking stuffer!

What seems like a simple nut-and-bolt assembly is deceptively difficult to take apart.  But there’s a trick!  We’re going to try and print some today to test.



  1. Hi, that’s my model/instructable. Modelling isn’t new to me, but I’m only just starting out in the world of 3d printing (and don’t have access to a 3d printer). Would this print ok on a normal PLA type printer or would it have to be a powder type? I know there are limits on overhangs etc and just wondered how the ‘thread’ would hold up? I’d love to have some feedback once someone has printed one?

    • Hi Jon,
      Thanks for commenting – glad to have you here! Great models.

      I’m actually trying some prints today, between butting heads with our Rep2 extruder. I’ll keep you posted.

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