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    Community Shape Scripts

    Published on - August 27, 2013 by AndyTaylored

    Hi Everyone!

    The Tinkercad team has been pretty busy planning and executing on a new approach to Shape Scripts. In the context of this, we just launched Community Shape Scripts.

    What is this? Normally a Shape Script would live inside a file, so unless you published a file with the Shape Script alone, it would be pretty hard to find. Not only did we address that problem, but we also went one step further. Now you can immediately publish a Shape Script that will appear in the Community Shape Script panel. Yes...!, for everyone. It's Community Shape Script, after all :)

    So how does it work?

    First of all, you will notice that there is a new part in the panel for Community Shape Scripts.


    When you expand that palette, you will find all that has been published so far. Make sure to come back frequently, since new Shape Scripts may get submitted and you certainly don't want to miss them.

    Shape Scripts palette

    Let's take the Curved Torus from Rob Walch (thanks Rob!), and see how Shape Scripts work.

    Curved Torus

    The user that has created the Shape Script can expose certain parameters. When they do so, they appear on the canvas when the Shape Script gets selected.

    In this case, options for radius (r2), internal radius (r1) and bendyness will allow you to make interesting changes to this shape.

    Shape Scripts parameters

    As you can see on the bottom of the parameters dialog, it also allows you to check the script.


    So how do we create these from scratch? Go to a New Design, and create a Shape Script from an Empty script.


    Save and Update will allow you to see what you are doing and validate the shape you are trying to make. Once you feel it's great and worthy to share with the rest of us, simply click on Publish to Community.

    Apart from sliders that can be defined within a certain range, you can also add a Combobox and a Checkbox. You can see both in this Shape Script for a polygon from our own Brandon Cole.

    Combobox and checkbox

    After playing around with some of these Shape Scripts, I felt I had to build something with them. Probably nostalgic of my architectural background, I made a bit of a city using Fractals as buildings, DNA as stairs, and terrain as.... terrain! And of course there had to be an Asteroid about to fall into it.


    Make sure you check it out, and have a lot of fun!

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