Good News on the Grid!

Hi everyone!

Some good news from the Tinkercad team. We’ve heard a lot about the grid and the chance to match its size with 3D printers. 

Let me introduce you to some new options on the Grid. Just above the Snap Grid settings, you will now see Edit Grid.


What this does is open a dialog box where you can define units (mm and inches for now), and also select a 3D Printer. As you change the printer, you’ll see how the size of the grid changes accordingly.


Now, when you use the grid as a workplane, we also wanted to differentiate it, so we kept the 200x200mm grid.

Let us know what you think about it (and say thanks to Petr Broz and Darin Hughes for this feature if you see them around).

If you want more printers to appear there, we’d love to understand what you are using.



  1. Please add support for the Up! Plus/Afinia. That said, Tinkercad has always worked fine and been dimensionally accurate with my Up! without any special tweaks or settings.

  2. Sure! Let’s be clear that this is basically about providing the right size of the grid that matches the printer. Not having a printer there does not mean you can’t print.

  3. Ahh I recognize some of the names here. I still have to put in my vote for the Type A Machines Series 1 even though I see its being requested already. The platform is 260mmx230mmx230mm or 10″x9″x9″ for some. It would be nice to see native support for this size of platform. What I take from the article is that I can actually define these variables now? Also, great work guys, keep it up.

    • Thanks! So far we are not enabling a custom size of grid. We do want to make sure we include the most common sizes based on 3D printers, so this is why we started with a basic number, and we are definitely willing to add others that are frequently used.

  4. Please add the UP plus 130mm by 130mm which I and my students use frequently. My students who are only teenagers are constantly making models in tinkercad (which is great by the way) that are too big or overlap our UP plus printer. Thanks.

  5. how about a 600mm x 600mm grid if your not ‘going to enable custom sizes. Its pretty hard to work on a 200mm square grid for us larger guys.

    • I would also love to see a 600 x 600 option as I am trying to design a never seen before 3D printer concept using cables. It will be about 400mm cubed. I am making the individual parts in TinkerCAD and have printed most of them but need to place them in real space so I can see how the entire layout works. I currently using a scaled down version that sort of works but is far from ideal.

  6. I like this feature. Especially useful for beginners.

    Maybe the top 10 best selling printers would be good to see in the popup. To my knowledge in addition to the Replicator these are: Ultimaker (210 x 210mm), Printrbot Plus (8″ x 8″ in), Solidoodle 2 (11.5″ x 11.75″ in), Solidoodle 3 (13.5″ x 14″ in), Up Plus & Up Plus 2 (140 x 140mm) [note: almost same as Affinia H Series, now merged].

  7. i’d love to set the grid size , cause i also use tinkercad to mount my setup
    and it’s way off size,
    i can’t dezoom enought to see the whole stuff!!!!

  8. I need 1meter x 1 meter 🙂
    How do I do if I want to design a big thing composed of many parts and split it once I’m sure everything goes together ?
    Why limit the tool only to 3d printing ?

    • Tinkercad was designed to work on a canvas appropriate for small printers. Going beyond certain sizes would potentially generate issues. You can either make it smaller and then resize in the software you use for printing, or graduate into 123D Design online, which shares most of the interactions with Tinkercad, and can work at pretty much any size.

      • Thanks, I found that. Do you plan on adding poly control to the program. I’m trying to do some proof of concepts for a auto engine I’m modifying and the size errors are giving me fits.


  9. Why do the measurements of certain shapes change fractionally when you move them? I don’t know if this is because i am using the beta design instead of the legacy design platform. If it is the case is there any way of me moving my design to the other platform?

  10. Hello,
    HELP me please!
    I could adjust the snap grid size in the old version without an issue.
    The new beta opens a scroll box but I cant see or select 1.0-.1mm anymore. Its like the selection box is empty. I’m stuck at the default 1.0mm and can’t move items in a finer scale like .1mm.

    Thanks to anyone who can get me back up and running.

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