New Mystery Feature!

Hi everyone!

This week we bring you a very nice feature that you can enjoy while browsing your own designs or when you are discovering new things. Simply go to any of those two pages, and wait a couple of seconds. Then, hover your mouse over the thumbnails, and they will move! No, it’s not the Daily Prophet! It’s the new Turntable, that will allow to check the models without needing to get to the 3D Viewer. 


We hope you love it as much as we do. If you like it, make sure to say thanks to Brandon Cole.

Thanks, and see you soon!


  1. Supercool animation -thanks! I sent email on this to but just in case folks are too swamped to get to it, I’m leaving the same question here. Can I see the chord height resolution of the objects in the library? Is there a way to specify it when saving the file to my desktop? Yeah, techie term, but to others reading this, the phrase is about the resolution or precision of the object and the ability to match it to the resolution ability of the 3D printer. My first try at a Lego brick object found in the library would have turned the 8 cylinders on the topic of the Lego brick into many sided polygons and not get the precision fit for which Lego parts are famous. Is there a way to deal with this precision problem?

  2. Thanks Bob, we can have a look at your model – what is the name it’s saved under? We might figure out a good feature to add so that we can get better precision on a printer.

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