Sharing Shape Scripts

Hi everyone,

I’m Guillermo Melantoni, the Product Manager of Tinkercad and 123D Design. I want to share a really cool enhancement on Shape Scripts.

Brandon Cole, our very own Shape Script extraordinaire, has made some awesome shapes and made the model public. As some people started opening the file and checked out the shapes, their immediate reaction after getting their jaw back in place was to ask how they were done.  This happened because there used to be no way to see the script from a shape that you had not made.

tc01 01

We are proud to announce that we solved that problem and you can now view the script of any Shape Script, if the author decides to make the script viewable.

So this is how it works. If you start a Shape Script, you will find a new option inside Script Properties (the gear next to the Shape Script’s name) called Public. Check the box, save, and you are done!

tc01 02

After this, if you make your design public, anyone will be able to see the Shape Script. They won’t be able to edit it, though. That said, nothing prevents you from copying and pasting the script into a New Shape if you start it as Empty.


Guillermo Melantoni

Product Manager



  1. Hi! Looks like a great feature. One of the really amazing qualities of Tinkercad are the tutorials – they really help understand the logic of 3d modeling.
    Is there anything similar for Shape Scripts? If not at Tinkercad (yet?), could someone please point me in the right direction?
    Thanks & keep up the great work!

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