Tinkercad has found a new home at Autodesk

I am happy to announce that we have just signed a deal where Autodesk will purchase the Tinkercad site and core technologies. This is a great day for all Tinkercad users, Autodesk is a very enthusiastic and capable steward. There are two main impacts of this deal: the site is fully operational and Autodesk has some very exciting plans for Tinkercad.

The shutdown plan has been rolled back and effective immediately new users are again able to sign up for the site. Even better, at the request of Autodesk, we have supercharged the free plan. You can now create unlimited designs, all import and export functionality is enabled and ShapeScripts are turned on for free accounts. We have automatically upgraded all existing free accounts to this new powerful plan. This account will be offered for a limited time only so make sure you sign up as soon as possible.

Before signing the deal the we spent a lot of time talking to Autodesk engineers and product people about their vision for Tinkercad. We were impressed by the deep insight the Autodesk team had into the Tinkercad interface and the underlying technology. There is also a strong alignment on topics like furthering education and the vision of making design more accessible. But most of all we are very excited about the roadmap Autodesk has drafted for Tinkercad.

As our team continues working on Airstone I’m pleased to see Tinkercad find a safe and welcoming home. I can speak for everyone when I say that we are looking forward to using Tinkercad for a long time to come.

Yours sincerely,
Kai Backman
Founder & CEO


  1. Thank goodness this is such a happy result! I am so happy for you guys and so grateful that this service can continue. Without Tinkercad, my makerbot essentially was idle. Great work, well deserved!

  2. This is great news! I had only signed up about week prior when the “bad news” was announced; I started to look into alternatives (and managed to find a couple), but none of them was as easy and quick to learn as Tinkercad. I’m glad to hear it is back; seeing how quick and easy it was to come up with my own designs made me seriously think about purchasing a 3D printer. Easy-to-use design software is the one part that was missing, and Tinkercad was and is the final piece.

  3. Oh my, oh my what happy news I just received in my mail inbox. I have visited this blog several times with what I thought was idle hope. My teary eyes are now glistening with joy :}. Thank you autodesk and thank you tinkercad for the effort and giving me the 3D starter tools. Soon I will have my second expo with my 3D jewellery design all because of tinkercad.

  4. Yay! I was considering giving up 3D printing, because TinkerCAD is that good. ­čÖé
    Thank you for working this deal.

  5. I can’t tell you how happy I am about this! Tinkercad is such a wonderful way for my kids to get into 3d modeling and seeing their work printed out on our printer. It’s also my go-to app for creating quick and simple designs for testing, etc. Thanks for keeping us in mind!

  6. This is fantastic news. Thank you Tinkercad and Autodesk for preserving this great program! I am so happy I could jump around in my office right now. Wait, hold on… jumping now… hooray!

    One question: now that the free plan is supercharged, what is the benefit of being on the paid plan? I can’t seem to find a breakdown of that on the website yet – and I’m wondering if I should continue to pay monthly or if I should drop down to the free plan.

  7. Best news I heard today!!!
    Quick question, it says I’m running under a legacy account. Does that mean I have all the cool features?
    Thank you,

  8. Sweet! When I found out Tinkercad was going down I started learning other tools. Got into blender, Freecad and Heekscad. They’re all missing that alignment tool!

  9. Just as I thought I would have found the perfect little program to do my 3D modelling, you disappeared. Now I have a second chance to discover what everyone else that has saying about this wonderful program. Thank you for coming back!

  10. Thank you for keeping Tinkercad alive! I was so upset when you originally announced that the site was shutting down. Now I can tell my friends to go to Tinkercad.com again!

  11. Great News indeed! In the past I have been on the paid plan, but I suspended my account while trying to learn other 3D software. Now I would like to re-activate my plan and go back to work. How do I re-activate?

  12. HOOORAH! Such great news.

    Question. I have a “legacy” plan. Will this also translate to the supercharged free plan? Or is it more limited? Thanks again!

    • Yes, legacy plans have automatically converted to the new supercharged plan. The display name will change in the next few days but the transition is effective right now.

  13. Super happy with this, I have a paid account and have been testing other alternatives but none have been as good or easy as tinkercad!
    It’s my Birthday today so I feel like this is an awesome present for me.

  14. Autodesk Save Tinkercad from Extinction

    Autodesk has announced that it has purchased Tinkercad and it’s core technology to resurrect the browser based 3D modeling app from the dead. Several weeks ago Tinkercad killed the popular 3D modeling app, closing new users and announc

  15. This is great, I was playing with a few other sites that had some more sophisticated shape building, but weren’t nearly as easy to use as tinkercad

    So glad this is saved. For Heritage accounts (mine) I assume we are to be treated as the free accounts as well?

  16. Great news – now I can let all the teachers and students I’ve been working with that we can get back to Tinkercad….it looks like the academic plans are functioning like the free accounts. I also spent time exploring other options and demoing them for teachers/students, but always felt they fell short of Tinkercad’s intuitiveness. Thanks to everyone who worked to bring this back.

  17. This is absolutely fantastic news. I’ve tried dozens of other pieces of design software since Tinkercad shut down and nothing has been as simple. Hooray! I’ll also have to submit my request to have my account unsuspended.

    I can’t thank you guys enough for pushing past the “no way possible” barrier to find a new home for Tinkercad. Way to go Kai and team!

  18. My students are going to be soooooooooooooooooooooo pleased! I’m posting a note to them on Edmodo as we speak!

  19. This is great but what about us paid members who have stuck with you through thick and thin? You are now giving away free what we are still paying for. Will we be elevated to a place of honor amongst the mob or left to twist in the wind?

    • I’m a paid member and really could not care less that what I’ve been willing to pay for is being offered for free for others – that doesn’t change my willingness to pay if that’s what’s needed. I’m grateful that the service/program will continue and others will have an opportunity to get into easy-to-use 3D CAD. I’m sure the business model will be tweaked along the way to make it work.

  20. Congratulations! – Tinkercad is an amazingly powerful tool – mind-blowing at times – I am so grateful that this awesome project has a future. Well done guys!

  21. Such a great news! Thank you Autodesk for saving this cool thing! TinkerCAD has been the only possibility to heal your meshes and prepare them for 3D printing, I’ve been so sad what it has been shut down. Raise the flag of tinkering high!:)

  22. Thank you, Thank you have been fighting with Sketchup since Tinkercad says it was closing. Now I can now sleep at night!

    • I obviously have only a single data point but my impression is that Autodesk is a pretty sophisticated buyer. In addition to getting the Tinkercad product they also now have all the rights to the Gen6 geometry kernel. The impact of Tinkercad is obvious, it sits very well with the work of the consumer group. The impact of Gen6 is more subtle. Of all the big CAD vendors Autodesk is now the only one that owns a production tested supercomputer class geometry modeling kernel. If you are familiar with how CAD tools operate you know how critical ownership of a kernel is.

  23. This does raise a question or two – I thought TickerCAD technology was a vital part of Airstone? Will you still own this technology? Also, I’m not a paying member myself, but what about the paying TickerCAD members, will their subscriptions become free as well?

    • Very good questions. I’ll answer the first as it’s easier. All paying plans are on a 3 month grace period due to the transition. Autodesk hasn’t announced anything further, I’m sure one of their top priorities is talking to all the paying customers to work out a good way forward.

      The technology question requires a somewhat subtle answer. Autodesk purchased all Tinkercad assets including the revolutionary Gen6 geometry kernel. When we initially announced the shutdown the source code was organized such that a separation of Airstone and Gen6 looked nearly impossible. A few weeks ago we had a serendipitous breakthrough in how Airstone is built which cut this dependency. Once this happened the deal suddenly became possible.

  24. Another question – your announcement states “This account will be offered for a limited time only so make sure you sign up as soon as possible” – do I have to do anything to make sure I keep these new services with my existing account or can I just carry on and enjoy it?

  25. Yeah. Now I can hope for better stability, a helix script, and numeric text input for dimensions – eventually. Very cool.

    • Tinkercad has always had numeric text input for dimensions, unless I’m misunderstanding your comment.

  26. I was at Maker Faire Bay Area 2013 yesterday. I didn’t stop by the Autodesk booth because I didn’t really have anything to I needed to discuss with them. I’ll be getting a RigidBot BIG near September time frame instead of the MakerBot 2X that I originally intended on buying. I read the email once I got back home after a 2.5 hr drive. The news almost made it difficult to sleep – but it was an exhausting day. I would have stopped by and gave them a big hug (jk) for saving this platform. I have been learning Bonzai3D and Cheetah3D since the previous announcement and it hasn’t been as pleasant of a learning experience as TinkerCad. So again – a great big thank you to all productive team members.

  27. This is the best news !!!!! Thank you and all of the effort you guys took to keep this alive and working … this is what keeping great software/effort/knowledge/ideas alive !!!!

    • Paid plans are currently not open to new enrollment. There are certain accounting restrictions around the transition period and we need to wait with enrollment until Autodesk has taken over completely.

    • Hi Ricky, you don’t “purchase” TInkercad. It’s a “cloud-based” system that you operate in your web browser. Just go to Tinkercad.com and create an account.

  28. […] dos d├şas, Autodesk anunci├│ la adquisici├│n de Tinkercad, y el fundador celebr├│ en su blog la posibilidad de mantener con vida la aplicaci├│n. Autodesk es la creadora del m├ştico AutoCAD […]

  29. This is amazing for CAD software. Im part of an FTC robotics team and we are usually required to use PTC Creo for CAD software, however, in my physics class today my teacher wanted to learn to use our maker bot and so she made us use Tinkercad. Boy am I glad she did, this is thousands of times easier to use than Creo and is much more fun for the artistic side of CAD. The first day of use and I already feel very comfortable with the features of Tinkercad. I just wanted to thank all of those at Tinkercad for this amazing software.

  30. i.materialise is really really happy with this announcement! It’s a great education tool and we’re sure many scholars and students will profit from it!

    • Hi Colin,

      We’re focusing on rapid response to user feedback. If there are changes or bugs in the app, we’re aiming at pushing out fixes asap. There are some great requests coming in and we’re working on those. Beyond that, if it’s not broke, we’re not going to fix it!


  31. Thank you!
    Tinkercad is so easy to learn so i use it to make 3dmodels for my printer ­čÖé
    Fast and simple so it’s really great that it wasn’t shut down!

  32. Glad to hear this news — this makes it much more realistic to include design for 3d printing into the curiculum of educational programs oriented towards kids 8-12 years old, I had several kids in lego robotics programs who just didn’t want to stop designing via tinkercad, I don’t think I could have built the same enthusiam with other tools out there. For myself, I find tinkercad to be a good tool to use to refine and finish basic designs I create in openscad.

    My only concerns are:
    1) Will autodesk be less focused on pure cross platform support?….the current autodesk web properties are not that friendly for linux users viewing in the firefox browser. Tinkercad has always worked flawless, even with tablets running android.
    2) As a happy paying member, is there a reason why I should downgrade my account?

    • Hi!
      Sorry for the delay in responding – Autodesk isn’t changing any aspects of platform usability for Tinkercad. You should be able to use it just as you did before the acquisition.

      Regarding your account, I’m happy to move you to the free account. When the free upgrades expire, you can easily just pick back up as a paid account. No need to pay for the free stuff in the meantime!

      Just send me an email with your Tinkercad-registered email address and I’ll process it.

      Thanks for Tinkering!!

  33. Glad to see you averted the Tinkerpocalypse and have a long term path to success!

    Is there a best location to place requests for future improvements? I’m sure enhancements will flow down from Autocad but after using TC there are things I’d like to see down the line. Things like:

    1) More colors or the ability to generate custom colors.
    2) The ability to globally swap out a color with a new one either from the top level or from a sub-group level using a color palette and/or RGB type numeric codes. Taking something apart level by level can be a pain just to change a color – and then hoping it goes back together properly can result in even more pain if not done with extreme care.
    3) The ability to push into a sub-group and edit it in-place without affecting it’s relative placement to other sub-groupings.
    4) Some level of vertex or object-to-object vertex snapping on any work surface plane. This could be a variant of the align function but resulting in objects on opposite sides of the plane with no overlap but touching on the plane. (This can be done with the ruler function but adding something to the align feature would be nice along with some true vertex snapping.)
    5) Perhaps a warping function that allows the bending of standard geometries in various ways in order to achieve objects that might be a bit more organic in nature.
    6) A work surface that can be configured with a central (0,0,0) origin point and that is large enough to indicate the full range of object space. I’ve saved un-grouped objects where one of the sub-groups has spanned a point beyond about 22 or 23 inches or so in the x-dimension which caused the subgroup to be truncated upon saving and reopening the file. Not a big deal if you know about it, but it’s related to items 2) and 3) above when you dissemble an object level by level and offset each result by a fixed amount so you can better reassemble them after editing the lowest level subgroup.

    That’s all I’ve got right now!

    • Hi Pete,

      Thanks for your suggestions! We’re still getting the workflows and processes migrated over, so it’ll be a little while before there’s any more development. I’ll forward them along, though!


  34. WHY won’t it save anything? And when it does it takes 5-10 minutes before I can do a single step more. When is this going to be released NON-web format?

  35. I was a paid up user and was sad to see tinkercad disappear When will I be able to use my account again? I have tried other products but can’t find any quite as easy to use and quick as tinker cad. I can only hope it is back running soon.

    • Good question – you will need to create a 123D account that is separate from your Tinkercad accounts. The ink is still wet from the acquisition, so we haven’t yet consolidated the sign-up process.


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