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    Organize and share with Projects

    Published on - January 29, 2013 by shinotanaka

    Tips & Tricks, New to Tinkercad


    We're excited to launch a much requested feature: projects! Projects allow you to organize your designs and share them with your team.
    The new dashboard adds three nice features:
    • Search allows you to quickly access all your designs.
    • Collections lets you filter lesson results or just show you all your designs.
    • Projects allow you to organize related designs.
    • Shared Projects let's you access the projects shared by other team members.


    Getting Started with Projects
    To create a new project just click "Create project." Click on the gear icon on top right corner to change the project properties such as name, description, and sharing properties. To move existing designs into a project, just drag and drop them on the project on left, or use the gear menu of a design, choose "Move to Project…" and select the project where you want the design to go. There is a setting per project which controls if other team members can view or edit the designs in a project.

    Tinkercad Team