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    Academic initiative update: Who's in?

    Published on - November 28, 2012 by shinotanaka

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    We've heard from so many great schools, libraries, fablabs and other organizations from all over the world who are now signed up for the great Tinkercad Academic Initiative! It's not too late to get yours. We're waiving the $75.00 application fee for the first 1,000 applicants until December 7th, so don't delay!

    What is this initiative? Read all about our offer here and more about the WHY behind it here. Our mission is to bring design literacy to the world. Help us get there.

    CASTILLEJA SCHOOL, BOURN IDEA LAB, PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA. Castilleja's Bourn Idea Lab istheir school's digital fabrication studio, where girls (and teachers!) come to tinker, build, and prototype. They have a laser cutter, a 3D printer, programmable microcontrollers, vacuum former, vinyl cutter, 3D mill, and assorted hand tools. Oh, and lots and lots of cardboard. They are also the home of their school's FIRST Robotics team, Team 1700 Gatorbotics and a member of the FabLab@School network, a project of Prof. Paulo Blikstein's Transformative Learning Technologies Lab at Stanford University.

    SAINT ANN'S SCHOOL, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, NEW YORK. Since 1965 Saint Ann's School has brought together gifted children and passionate teachers in a fierce pursuit of knowledge, skill, and artistry. SACC, the Saint Ann's Computer Center, was one of the earliest classrooms to have a MakerBot (2009). Since the first Cupcake, students had access to Thing-O-Matics and the Replicator Dual Bots. They offer a Middle School 3D modeling and printing classes, a High School modeling and printing class and a High School Toy Design class, all of which take advantage of the software and hardware associated with 3D modeling and printing.

    THE IDEAL SCHOOL, NEW YORK, NEW YORK. The IDEAL School uses technology that is transparent, intuitive, and builds on crucial skills, and we believe technology should encourage more interaction between students and teachers, not less. We want to see students extend the curriculum into different domains – to provide visual, auditory, and creative experiences that challenge them to think more critically about what they are learning – to collaborate, question, and extend their thinking. We acknowledge that technology will be completely different in ten years, and our job is to hand students the tools to be successful for their future, not our past.

    THE BIRCH WATHEN LENOX SCHOOL, NEW YORK, NEW YORK. The BWL Center for Learning and Technology is comprised of three separate labs, each containing enough Macintosh computers for every student to use his or her own. The lab is dedicated solely to Lower School computer instruction, while another is for Middle and Upper School students. The third lab is where teachers can take a writing, math, or research class to expose students to various other disciplines through the use of computers. At BWL, technology is incorporated into every academic subject. In the arts, for example, high-end digital audio and video equipment give a boost to dramatic and musical rehearsals and performances, yielding the most impressive results.

    STEPHEN GAYNOR SCHOOL, NEW YORK, NEW YORK. The Stephen Gaynor School is an independent, nonprofit elementary and middle school for bright students with learning differences. Our school comprises 239 students ages 3 to 14 with a range of learning challenges, from Attention Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to speech, language, and motor delays. In a comfortable, nurturing environment and with an unparalleled level of personal attention from our experienced staff, Gaynor School students break down barriers to learning, build self-esteem, and bridge the gap between their intellect and performance.

    HALSEY MIDDLE SCHOOL, QUEENS, NEW YORK. J.H.S. 157 Stephen A. Halsey is a middle school in New York City. In the Computer Talent Class they have explored using computers as creative tools and that includes 3D Design. Halsey was lucky enough to get a MakerBot Thingomatic donated to our school last year by MakerBot Industries followed by a Replicator this year. The challenges of 3D Design are ideal for honing a senior level of design, though several students are inspired on the lower grades and leap ahead.

    THE COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. The Collegiate School is an independent, co-educational, K-12 school in Richmond, VA whose mission is to create a community of learners committed to a challenging and supportive educational experience that will foster the intellectual, moral, emotional, and physical development of each student. Since 1915, Collegiate School has offered students an opportunity to meet high expectations of academic and personal excellence. They are proud of our students' many accomplishments and grateful for the dedicated community of faculty, administrators, trustees, parents, alumni and friends who teach, coach, support and encourage them.

    ST. LUKE'S SCHOOL, NEW CANAAN, CTSt. Luke’s School is a secular, college‑preparatory day school in New Canaan, CT for grades 5 through 12. THEIR rigorous programs and diverse co-educational community foster students’ intellectual and moral growth, preparing them for college and giving them the tools they need for success, leadership, and service in the world.

    PIXEL ACADEMY, OUT AND ABOUT NEW YORK CITY. The Pixel Academy is a community of kids and teens that are passionate about learning 21st Century Skills. We want to give our members access to state of the art technology, from virtual reality goggles and 3D Printers to self-teaching guitars.  Pixel members are able to explore and master new and relevant subjects that traditional schools aren't able to provide like Video Game Design, 3D Printing, Arduino Programming, App Development, Film Making, Music Writing, and so much more.

    NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES, RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA. The NCSU Libraries is the gateway to knowledge for the North Carolina State University community and partners. The Libraries' collections reflect the historic strengths of the University as well as its vision for the future. With extensive research holdings in the areas of engineering, science, technology, and agriculture, the NCSU Libraries is recognized as a national leader.

    SCHOOL FOR AGRICULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, WAUPUN, WISCONSIN. The vision of SAGES is the creation of culture that actively and thoughtfully con-serves and sustains the land, flora and fauna that comprise our environment and food sources. Our mission is to produce responsible, productive citizens who have both a local and global perspective and are commit-ted to preserving and sustaining national and world environments, food sources and other natural resources.

    VETENSKAPENS HUS, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. Vetenskapens Hus, House of Science, is a leading resource of inspiration and knowledge in Stockholm. They provide for students of all ages from primary school to gymnasium/high school levels as well as their teachers. Vetenskapens Hus has natural science and engineering students who will gladly guide you through various acitivities in their two buildings. A visit to Vetenskapens Hus is a meeting with researchers and/or students from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University. Their researchers or assistants lecture in one of our topics covering biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and technology; and their assistants supervise labs as well as excursions. Well-equipped laboratories, proximity to research and the fantastic scenery of Bergianska trädgården (the Bergius Botanic Garden) also means that the activities give visitors something extra beyond what schools typically offer. Activities are open to nationwide schools and students.

    WILLIAM CAREY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, PRESTONS, NEW SOUTH WALES. William Carey Christian School is committed to transforming lives by the proclamation of the gospel and the delivery of an excellent, affordable Christian education; accessible to the whole community.