Limited Time Special Offer for Academic Institutions

Starting today, and for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, we are offering qualified academic institutions $50,000 worth of Tinkercad software.

Interested? Here’s how it works.

This on-line application must be submitted by midnight PST on Friday, December 7th, 2012. For the first 1,000 applications received, we will waive the once yearly $75.00 application fee.

In order to apply for this plan, here’s what you’ll need to know:

  • This plan is open to ALL academic institutions, home schools, non-profits and other similar organizations whose mission is to further advance the study and teaching of 3D design and printing to students
  • You must be able to provide accreditation or non-profit status verification
  • Plan applies to the 2012/2013 school year (summer 2013 included)
  • Must currently possess a 3D printer, have access to a 3D printer OR have the intent to purchase one in the 2012/2013 academic school year
  • Submit your course curriculum for the 2012/2013 school year

At Tinkercad, we don’t want the inability to learn CAD to hinder innovative solutions. Ever. Creating physical products, or what we call ‘design literacy,’ is a right the entire world has. One of the keys to ensuring the success of Tinkercad’s mission is to provide the future makers of the world access to Tinkercad. As our Co-Founder Kai Backman has said, “A key part of learning is to have great tools at your disposal.” This is why we are super excited to launch this very special, limited time offer.

The details:

  • The $50,000 translates into 1,000 registered users per qualifying institution for the 2012/2013 school year, which includes summer of 2013.
  • There is a single administrator who owns the account and can add and remove students at any time.
  • Digital manufacturing devices also qualify in place of a 3D printer. These include, but are not limited to, laser cutters and CNC machines.
  • Designs created within these plans will be licensed for non-commercial use only.


  1. Thank you for your kind offer, but offering a one time “limited time only” subscription to an edu-account is not the story. In education we often integrate great web services like Tinkercad in scenarios for the teachers. Given these scenarios, other teachers will start a course in the future with their classes. Not to provide open-access for such courses will lead in looking for alternatives, even if they are less powerfull or harder to learn, but free, and lead to dead scenarios. We understand, that you have to make money, but we are wondering if a closed service will survive the next 2 years. We’re also wondering if there wouldn’t be another solution making money out of an online CAD-service like Tinkercad.

    • Thank you for the feedback Gregor, I agree that continuity is important for educational institutions. The 2012/2013 school year offer is a test for us. If enough schools sign up and use the product we plan to repeat the offer for the 2013/2014 school year. So help us get the word out!

    • Thanks, Tatiana! We appreciate your help getting the word out. We want to ensure this runs for years to come, so we have to make it super successful =)

  2. Thank you for the generous offer! In order for the programs to be sustainable, though, educators need to be reassured that they will be able to continue using this free tool for quite a few more years. I can’t imagine that anyone would want to plan a year’s worth of lessons using Tinkercad, only to find out that they will not have access to it after one or two years…

  3. Hm, seems nice. But how do I benefit from this offer when I miss the given date? We’ve planed to recommend TinkerCad in teacher education as the perfect tool (together with 3D-printing). But this way? I don’t think so: If I have to apply for the special offer by providing accreditation and course curriculum then I switch to another service. Sorry, but that’s how I work.

    What I need:
    – Only one account for my class / students for free. All they login with the same username. If I have two classes, I need two. I don’t want to have admin privileges and invite students to a class. I would like to keep it smart and simple.
    – Access to the tutorials.

    Hey, I won’t switch! I like TinkerCad and its functionality. Please consider my needs and open your service for educational purposes and extend your server power that TinkerCad don’t get stuck.

    • Hi Kurt,

      Thanks for your candid feedback! Let me clarify a few things.
      -We are happy to extend the date past the deadline if there’s a need you have that prevents you from meeting it. Just let us know when you submit the application and we’re happy to accomodate your situation.
      -You do not have to submit accreditation just be able to “provide” it. This helps to ensure the folks who are asking for this academic initiative can verify they are legit in some way =)
      -Core curriculum is similar to asking for accreditation. We want to ensure there’s some structure around what you’re teaching. In some cases, this is just an outline (bullet poins) of what you cover in a workshop, or lecture series.

      Regarding your specific needs:
      -We are looking to improve the sign-up process! It isn’t ideal right now, but all of that is coming 😉
      -Depending on how many students and classes you have, admin privileges can be very helpful. It sounds like you may benefit from the basic account.
      -By tutorials, do you mean Lessons? If so, yes. Access to all the Lessons is available!

      I hope this helps! Also, if you have not already, do take a sec and read our latest blog post on why we went this route:


      • Hi Shino
        I do not think, that a date extension solves my concerns. To make it clear: I do have a legacy account and that’s all I need for myself. But I cannot recommend TinkerCad to other teachers, if there is no easy way to optain a free educational account.

        OK, “tutorials” is wrong, I was thinking about “Lessons”. 😉

  4. Hi Guys — thanks for helping think through this solution. I’m excited to join this offer, but I also need to concur with some of the comments above—for my students (who are teachers) and their schools, there needs to be more flexibility. Very few if any of them are going to need 1,000 individual users, and by the same token, very few of them are going to be able to personally manage individual users. In fact, in most of the places where my students work, or will work after they graduate (i.e., public school systems), individual accounts in classrooms are difficult to deal with because of DOE regulations. Hopefully as this continues to evolve we’ll figure out a way to use Tinkercad inside schools in a more fluid and flexible way—a way that rewards all the amazing work you’re doing and at the same time can get past the various firewalls we have to deal with in schools. Thanks for the great software! It makes teaching and learning 3D design amazingly fun and productive.

    • Hi Sean,

      Thanks for your insight!

      A few things:
      -Our hope is that schools will adopt this initiative, s well as teachers. We thought to capture both which is one of the reasons why we decided to go with the large number =)
      -You’re right. No one wants to manage individual users, which is why we are looking to streamline this process for academic accounts. Additionally, with so many kids, it would be ideal to have, say, a single log in. That said, we’ve found that when it comes to projects students and teacher want a bit more control. In any case, we are working on a better solution for this. And we’re hoping that throughout the process, we can use those enrolled in this program to help give us the much needed feedback to make it work well!


  5. I’m certainly willing to try anything. I’ve worked with TinkerCad this year and when we started the unit this year the switch threw us. I would hate to have to find another tool to use, though I know they’re out there. I love the ease of use, streamlined, intuitive interface and the tutorials you offer. Please continue letting students and teachers use this tool. When I teach my kids how to use it, hopefully they’ll go on to become life-long users.

  6. I think your offer to educational institutions is great. I teach high school science at Manhasset HS in New York. I just received my Ditto 3D printer from Tinkerine Studios I paid for it through a NSF grant and have helped students in my school start an engineering club “Manhasset Makers”. I introduced them to the idea of 21st century rapid prototyping and they want to give it a shot but its a small group, would we qualify for your program and your offer to accept applications past your deadline.

  7. Looks like I’m late to the party, but I’m hoping you can help. I’m a teacher in charge of creating a Makerspace at my school. We have approximately 200 students, 75-100 of which will be going to through one of two week-long camps to learn to use digital fabrication software and hardware. I’m definitely impressed by Tinkercad, and think it would be a great choice for our 3d design software. Are there any spots left in this program? Would you be able to waive the deadline for us?

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