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    Tinkercad Launches Shape Scripts API

    Published on - October 12, 2012 by shinotanaka

    We are excited to announce that it is now possible to write Shape Scripts directly inside the Tinkercad editor and create shapes that are generated programmatically. While the scripts are written in the editor the actual scripts are executed by the distributed Gen6 geometry kernel running on the Tinkercad server cluster. We believe this is what cloud computing is at its best, harnessing great power through an extremely easy to use browser interface.

    When we started working on Tinkercad one of the earliest feature requests was to let users create scripts to augment the editor. A key concern for us has always been ease of use. We wanted the API to be extremely accessible to everyone interested. That’s why we choose Javascript as the scripting language; it is a widely known language that is familiar to pretty much every web developer. We also felt that it was extremely important that users writing scripts could do it directly within Tinkercad and transparently harness the computational power of our dedicated cluster.

    This is also the first time we open up the curtains and invite everyone to learn more about the Tinkercad Gen6 geometry kernel. It is a revolutionary kernel in a world where most CAD systems are moving towards utilizing half a dozen cores. Gen6 has been designed from the ground up to be able to effectively distribute single model rebuild operations across tens of thousands of CPU cores. We firmly believe this is where the world of CAD is heading and we are happy to be leading the charge.

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